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Are we optimistic...?




All of us try to be optimistic but many a times we fail & turn into passimism,what makes us passimistic ?

& I feel that there is third dimenssion also which we can call 'realistic '

What are there pros & cons ?

02:24 AM Apr 23 2008 |

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I can't say I'm not optimistic, but I can't also say..I'm pessimistic…. I do like a water flow..and gone with the wind. I do what should I do now..and I will face whatever will happen in next.. so I can say I'm realistic.

I think people do not be too optimistic, 'coz they tend to be depressive if what happen it's not what they want. But people also don't be pessimistic, 'coz it will make U don't wanna try the best effort since U think the result will not succeed..

05:46 AM Apr 23 2008 |




we are optimistic..!

11:17 AM Apr 23 2008 |




i don't know about the others ,but i'm optimistic.the proof is that i'm passing with difficult times and i'm really happy and i have hope. i believe we have only the present time and we have  to live it. no time for  regreting the past or being anxious about the future.

04:39 PM Jun 09 2008 |