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Mixed Marriages .. what's ur opinion?


United Arab Emirates

heeeeeey friends, i have question for my essay and i want your opinions about it … i don't know how to start OR what to write ?  there is the Question ->@ Do you think mixed marriages may help to change AND pacify the Palestinian socitey?Explain your answer by discussing the negtive AND positive consequences of mixed marriages in Palestine using the arguments shown in the film (( forbidden Marriages in the holy Land )) ...if someone saw this movie he/she will be able to help me ? if not .. I just want your opinions about the mixed marriages.. what do you think? is it postive . why ? negative . why? i  want evidences if there too. and some examples if there !


04:53 PM Apr 25 2008 |

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It depends on what's the person who you are married like. I think there are good and bad people everywhere. Mixed marriages dont mean to solve things. Most people are the same.

09:33 PM Apr 25 2008 |



My sister is married to an american. She lives very good now but she's not very happy. 

09:37 PM Apr 25 2008 |

fanni szabo


There are many types of mixed marriage. Husband and wife may come from different countries or just have different religion. And we should also call a marriage "mixed" when one of the couple is quite rich and the other grew up as a poor one. You may say, that money or the colour of our skin doesn't matter, but everyone nows, that people who grew up in different circumstances will have quite different ideas about bringing up children or dealing with money – and even about marriage. And it's not a problem, because life would be boring if we wouldn't be different, but you need to be patient with the one you decide to live forever. In my opinion couples who really love, know, help and recpect each other will be able to live a happy life together. Anyway, I think "mixed race" children are the most beautiful in the world – especially the half black and half white ones.

ps.: sorry for being so long :( I just wanted to tell my opinion

02:23 PM Apr 29 2008 |