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About sex culture




Tell us about the sex in your own culture.

I'm from Spain, an here the people goes with a different person every day…..But there are other people that doesn't like this way….

Guys in Spain usually goes to the disco to pick up girls, and girls too but they are fewer….

Moreover, in my country you can have sex when you want, though you have 13 years old…. Actually, almost all the people loses the virginity around 16 years old….

In addition, sex shops are proliferating in Spain, and there are a lot of advertising about sex products, films,... This fact didn't exist a few years ago….


Hi, I think all your aswer are very interesting, but can you tell us about the sex culture in your country, in addition of your oppinion, please?

Thank youuu!

05:55 PM Apr 26 2008 |

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A good example of where the world is going. It shouldn't have been like that. Everybody is losing their minds. "Sex" is not everything. But lots of people don't really care about this topic. Pleasure is everything for them. Bad sexual relations in bad conditions, with the danger of AIDS. Hope they realize the seriousness of this topic. (Not talking about my country, talking about all the countries.)

08:06 PM Apr 26 2008 |



United States

As I understand it, Spain used to be a very conservative country, when it was controlled by General Franco. My Spanish teacher in high school said that even kissing was censored out of movies in Spain.  So, perhaps now Spain is readjusting itself to the normal social level of Europe. 

 European society seems generally more sexually permissive compared to North America.

10:14 PM Apr 26 2008 |




really. i will come to ur country

08:09 AM Apr 27 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

of course it's not true love. with all do respect i think it's a matter of controlling your mind and your sexual instinct.Sex is not made just for fun but for a reason which giving birth of children who can be rased equally as good beneficial humans.It not bad to meet different people from differnt way of thinking but sleeping with him is not the way to say hiii we're friends now . And here i'm not generalizing I'm just saying that keeping your desire for the correct time and persn is the best and healthy way for all

   with all respect Innocent

08:38 AM Apr 27 2008 |



in my country which is the philippines..we had sex education in our school..on our junior years..but our teacher didnt taught us about birth control…yet they let us awared that using contraceptive pills is a form of killing so twas contraindicated to used pills..and usually,virginity here would lose at the age of 18..very rare that u could learn that teenager would do sex at the very early age…but there was an instance, that at the age of 14..could do sex and got pregnant..perhaps its 10% in our community…very very rare,,right?..

04:25 PM Apr 27 2008 |




The product of mecahanical sex is big ZERO.Sex without love, affection, understanding each other produces no joy,rather it creates disappontment.sex in marriage or sex in open both ways are mechanical ways of sex & marriage is certainly better option than open sex.

We use the words 'fall in love',this type of sex is the fall in love, but we can add a new dimension to it,that is 'rise in love'.

The joy of sex lies in meeting a spiritual or existential partner & dissolving of ego,merging in each other & breaking barriers of ego,we loose our self in marriage as well as in open sex too.

Sex is a burden for male & he wants to drop the weight of it at the earlist,that's why he is always in a hurry to drop it.Wherever he gets the chance he want to drop,that's why he is so aggressive.Male use woman as a tool to get relife of sex,that's why he never take care of what woman feels of it & represss woman not to speak or feel of it.That 's why in culture woman is circumised not to enjoy sex.Woman is taught not to feel good of it.

Woman has the capacity to cool the man & she can elimnate war from this earth if she really participate in action of love.Existentially she has to accept the love of man & her action is not to be in action,man feels very happy when woman accepts love of man. She has the capacity to absorb the whole aggressiveness of the male,which can make the male cool & world peaceful.

09:01 PM Apr 27 2008 |




That is not right at all. In from Spain too and I don't see the sex like you.

I lost my virginity late. The sex for me can be like a double edge blade. The sex can be great or can hurt you psichologically.

The sex can be a great pleasure or can you feel blue.

If you are not in love, the sex not have sense because it is a soul communication media.

07:45 PM Apr 28 2008 |



United Kingdom


let me….. i guess…..Innocent

is this the dog pos in tha picture,


 you look beauty, belive me i fall in your love

09:08 PM Apr 28 2008 |



sex is very natural instinct of all living beings, but hho to employ this need in a legal and religious way wich won’t just like an anomal relationship.
Nowdays,in urban and advanced Europian and American countries where they call for liberty, u can find couples having sex every where, every time without legal or religios or even romantic relationship,just like you find cats and dogs what a disgusting!!!
is this the liberty and women’s wright that the are calling for?
and if is that true love as they said; why are they some certain conservative people who refuse and condemn those relation however they are sharing the same customs and traditions?
it’s obvious and quite clear for all of us from various countries that such doing can not be applied on hunan being provide that to be legal and firm in the fram of honor and dignity.
just imagine if u have a pregnant sister in the age between 13-20 and you don’t know who did this to here
one or three or twenty or hundred anyway that’s the same but the point is what father’s name u gonna give it to the baby
most of those children are love children
i do not wanna talk much about that cuz u gonna fed up with me and it’s really an exciting topic will need thousands words to illustrate it
thx for the opportunity

10:16 PM Apr 28 2008 |

M. Augustus

United States

I believe firmly that sexual attraction is part of the lower, animalistic part of the human psyche – and as such, I have little regard for those whose sexual desires overwhelm their higher intellectual faculties.

That said, I think that sex is, ultimately, a recreational activity, and that religious attempts to 'sanctify' it and romantic attempts to idealize it are equally misguided.  Sex is not the equivalent of love.  Sex can be perfectly enjoyable without romantic love.  As long as it's safe, consensual, and mature, sex is a wonderful thing.

07:17 AM Apr 29 2008 |