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My roommate was still a virgin untill she got married



I live in China, although some girls here are very open and forward in the matter of love and sex, many still keep their virginity before marriage.

take my roommate for example, she has been in a solid relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years, it’s a love marathon, isn’t it~~ she is going to get married this July, when she’s on business travel, her caring boyfriend sends her text messages every day every hour, my roommate told me that she wanted to have a baby in the first year of their marriage, she loves children. For the well being of her up-coming baby, her boyfriend has quitted smoking and drinking even before the marriage!! And she took a jog every morning to keep healthy, do they go too far?

One night when we chatted , she told me she felt weird about lying in the same bed with her husband-to-be after they get married, then I asked “have you two had sex yet……..?” she shook her head and told me she was against “the premarital sex”, I was astonished, for one thing, I don’t like it she used the term “premarital sex” , sounds like something illegal, for another, they never have sex! And she already has this “baby plan”!! My god….is this world crazy or it’s just me ……..?


02:34 AM Apr 29 2008 |

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I can totally relate to your roommate, Lucy, maybe because I live in a family where sex is definitely a restricted topic. My parents have never talked to me about sex, not even once, and I’m a senior in college. I reckon they believe it is embarrassed to talk about it, and that I’d figure it out on my own anyway. My dad once called someone who had primarital sex “a person who doesn’t take care of his life”, and that is so typical of many people I know towards the topic of sex.

Women in China don’t have the same social status as men do. Since men and women don’t share equal identity, you can’t be surprised to see a man demand his wife to be a virgin, while he himself is not. A lot of times you see a Chinese woman trying everything to stay virgin, not because she wants it, but she is afraid that her future husband won’t accept it and her marriage would be ruined. This is a real life question.

08:58 AM Aug 29 2011 |