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Life Talk!

tasty fruit from my country ... did you try it once ?



Saudi Arabia



this fuit is called dates  .  do you know it




it is only planted in Arabian peninsula . and especially in my country Saudi Arabia  .  these are pictures for thier trees :






we usually eat dates with Arabian coffee  .




12:25 PM May 03 2008 |

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monatta, when it's time to break the fast…i eat soooooo much….i couldn't even walk with my big stomach bwahahahah :D


kidding lol :D


yup in here there r only available dried…still there r also the fresh one but very3 rare n hard to find…n also more expensive… i had tasted the fresh dates when my dad had came back from performing hajj two years ago….n also the one sold in my country…. i don't know why it's a bit different  ^^ ... maybe the dates that my dad had brought back is fresher than the imported one :p


nah…i prefer dried dates :D



uff yeah i hope that u can introduce us with more type of dates available in your country






05:42 PM May 04 2008 |



I am fond of it,too.We can often eat them.hmm,i want to eat soon.let me got to market.Smile


can you explain me how to insert an image?I couldnt manage it.Already now,thanks…

06:07 PM May 04 2008 |

fanni szabo


I think we should ask who doesn't know it ? Dates is a lovely fruit:) in Hungarian we call it 'datolya' ('ly' = 'j')

07:07 PM May 04 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Fanni  , 

it seems you are right  ,  all members know it


birgul  ,


it is of my pleasure to help you  ,  


fist  :   the picture must be from a site in the internet ,  click on it with right buttom of the mouse and choose (propareties )


second : from the propareties window ,  copy the URL ADRESS


third : come to tools of ebaby site which appear above the reply area and click on the buttom (insert and edit picture )


fourth :  a nwe window will open   . and you will find a place for adding the IMAGE URL   .  JUST PASTE on it  , and press insert


is  it clear explanation   Wink   .  try it and answer 

09:30 PM May 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


casiol  .  I hope you can perform hajj  soon , and eat the fresh dates in makkah and maddinah  .  


and about the types there are many  , the dates of maddinah and makkah are different from the dates which planet in my twon   , hence , the names are also different . 


I live in eastern region of saudi arabia ,  in town called Al Hsa    ,  some kinds of  frish dates here are yallow  ,  red , brown ,light green and some kinds are pink  .





09:49 PM May 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


wow  , nu pogodi  , 

you realy  surprised me  .  you know maamoul  , Laughing very glad 


 it is as you said ,  so  Yummmmy  Tongue out

10:10 PM May 05 2008 |




ok i want to order one Laughing send to me via fed ex :D


yeah wish that i can perform hajj soon… my dad was very lucky, because he went there 2 times for work (he's an assistant medical officer)...he need to take care of the malaysian people…as well as performing hajj in there…free of charge :D

he said that God helps the people who is very committed in life…n he seems to be right :p 

well monatta… is the light green one can be eaten??

07:49 AM May 06 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

 so , enjoy it  Nu pogodi  . Wink


casiol  ,

very good job what your dad have ,  he is realy lucky .Smile


and about the light green . 

one kind of date does not change its color when it is fully developed  . but you be sure it is good to be eaten when you find a part of it becomes  light brown  . 

10:59 AM May 06 2008 |



Thanks a lot, monatta. I could manage it finally thanks to your assistance.

These daisies are  for you…Smile


12:19 PM May 06 2008 |




aaaaahhhh  choooooooommmmmmmm!!!!!!


is there any daisies in this thread???


bwahahahahah ^^ 


12:34 PM May 06 2008 |