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Life Talk!

Only Strong Survive




         Live free or died hard.A moive`s name. It can perfectly express my feelings right now.

         I am 23 old boy and about to graduate. I do some part time jods for increasing my work experiences. The realistic world means completely strange to me and I mean a freshman to realistic world.During doing part time job, I realized what is true meaning of pressure what is true meaning of competition what is true meaning of helpless and what is true meaning of callosity.I was confused,despired and frighten.I was nobody.All I can felt coldness.My world was gray even in the shineday.I had noting and I was nothing.

         However,I must pull myself together to fight inthe reality for my big family who told me what is love for my parents who gave me life and brought me up for my best three friend who knew me 10 years and managed to help me over and over time.I must fight like a fareless soldior like warrior.I should be faithful.

         Only strong survive.This world does not sympaize on the failures.Only strong survive.you must strive for you goal.Only strong survive.you can go throuhgh those pains tears frustrations to become man.

                                                                                                                                                    Michael Chen 

02:13 AM May 06 2008 |