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Life Talk!

Hi all..what are you plans for the new year



United Arab Emirates

hi there

how r u all?,,can we share our hopes for the new year 2007

 i hope  the wars end all over the worild and live in peace …..

please share ur hopes….waiting

06:01 PM Dec 11 2006 |

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Dear Bluerose,

we all would be happy, when it would be so easy to stop war and hunger and discrimination …

What last are the "little" wishes for our daily life. I wish for my very, very old cat, that it´s last days would be peaceable. This is, what it is worthy of.

I wish the best for my family – how I wish every day.

If everybody all over the world would wish the best for his/hers family, war should not have a chance … What a nice idea …

Wish you all a nice evening.


06:22 PM Dec 11 2006 |

Dani he

Dani he


Hi, bluerose33
What a great idea you have! I also hope this!
Peaceful life is what many people in this world don’t own and look forward. although I never meet war near me, I have great sympathy on those pity children of war courntries, we must believe they will get out of war sufferings and let’s pray for them!

04:27 AM Dec 12 2006 |