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Life Talk!

What would you do?



When you feel blue, cry or laugh? Which would help you step out of sadness? What should I do? I do wanna laugh off my sadness to prove my bravity but I still feel so sad.

04:23 PM May 09 2008 |

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Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

When i’m sad i do some physical excersises. I think it’s a good way to distract from any unpleasant feelings and thoughts!
Or just smile! = ) and the world will smile back to you..

04:51 PM May 09 2008 |



listen to music and dance alone, in your bedroom!! eat something you like, or some chocolate that cheers you up, get new clothes.

something that make you feel good 

05:22 PM May 09 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

you can do anything you like to do ( as reading, writting…) , but you feel you can't do that.. that's ok, give yourself some of a time to cry( maybe an hour), then go to your doing.. then have something , as music, chocolate, watch Tv or anything can make you injoy..

beeeee happy Wink

06:24 PM May 09 2008 |




its funny,in Germany means to feel blue you are drunken…but in English it means sad…

when i feel blue, i want to be alone.the best medicine against sadness is for me to catch a horse on the meadow and take a ride…or to go a tour by bicycle…when i  feel my body and can breath the nature, i forget my sadness in the mind.

06:28 PM May 09 2008 |



I prefer to stay alone for few minutes, then I put music, for example dance or electronic, the worst you can do is put romantic and  depressive music, Don´t do that!!!!

Another choice is going out with friends, you can tell them your problems or feeling, and even they can recommend you good advices.

06:29 PM May 09 2008 |




If I feel sad, I need to be alone or I just want to tell my friend about my problemes  or try to do something that will help me to forget.

06:51 PM May 09 2008 |



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kalu otisi ude 

07:00 PM May 09 2008 |



Crying loosens me out. It's better, but make sure you laugh after that!


Proud Student of Open English 

09:09 PM May 09 2008 |




I’d play pc game or eat chocolate or drink some soda drinks.I’d be much better after doing this stuff.I forgot my problem for a while and relaxed..good luck.

06:20 AM May 10 2008 |



take vacation and go some where for rest

06:54 AM May 10 2008 |