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Life Talk!

What would you do?



When you feel blue, cry or laugh? Which would help you step out of sadness? What should I do? I do wanna laugh off my sadness to prove my bravity but I still feel so sad.

04:23 PM May 09 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

hi evryone ….....

well if i feel sadness the frist thing that i do is thinking about  where  is that come from because some of sadness feelings r depend on which kind are ?

anyawy, im kind of people that i don't keep it  loonger . i just express it in the same time and forget it as soon as possibale…..

 best wishes to u all …

peace …......................Aymoooooone 

08:52 AM May 10 2008 |




I just follow myself. I won't force myself to do anything, that is no matter you want to cry or laugh, just do it. Listen to your heart.

01:35 PM May 10 2008 |

Jeffery Sun


Hard sport can help your get out of sadness. and after that life will going on

07:02 AM Sep 23 2008 |