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Love is our weakness or strength ?




Sometimes I feel that love our weakness & sometimes I feel that it is our strength,what do you & your experience say about it.

01:41 AM May 11 2008 |

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little elephant

United States

our weakness is that we can't live without love, while our strength is from hope, to be loved ,to love.

04:00 AM May 11 2008 |

Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

Yeah, it’s strenght no matter what it ends up in. Being able to love is a gift that one must keep like a treasure!

04:05 AM May 11 2008 |



When one don't have…..it is weakness

when one have it…...it becomes a strength,

& when one misses it …..it becomes a pain.

but every thing is not certain,there may be different situations too.

05:36 PM May 11 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

i think it is our strength all the time..

you'll be so happy if you know that there is someone love, support and take care of you..

Actually..Love is sth you can't describe it..but you can feel it..it's a great feeling..

05:56 PM May 11 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

if i can to be in love ,that is strength.. if i can't, that's weakness..   

06:34 PM May 11 2008 |




You are perfectly right,It is the greatest momont of life when someone mirror you.We feel fulfilled,rather only then we feel ,what aliveness is.otherwise we are dead.


Love is the only strength & you are further right 'not to be in love is greatest weakness.'

& Dear Hakimi

Dear when someone misses love after getting it,mostly he feels painful but it is not due love it is due to misunderstanding,we feel love granted for ever,I feel that love is momentry & pains are due to our posessiveness.We try to posess the person & loose the moments of love,Real love gives us freedom & the person who cares for our freedom is really a great lover,because freedom & joyfulness are names of the single fact LOVE

& it is not philosophical question just,It is question of our life…the alive one…

01:49 AM May 12 2008 |



love subject is a bit tricky !!

it happens that you love sb who don't love you, in this case love harms (weakness)

but , if the one you love show you the same love , here love is strength 

02:56 AM May 12 2008 |




If you have love in yuor heart, you can confront everything in your life. I am a optimistic girl. I live in a world full of love, so I am happiness. I always believe that love is strength,



06:03 AM May 12 2008 |




    i can't say  love is our weakness or strength. if one is given many gifts and love, could this become his weak or strong side?or if all of these are the things he don't want to accept?sometimes,its our idea to make the world agreat deal of high-tech products,not our love. so what love means something to u only fits u.

06:37 AM May 12 2008 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i don't want to say i am right , it's a big great philosophical Q.. it haven't only one answer…

when i am in love: with my lover i feel weakness. with people i feel strength .. 

but,,,,with love, i am often content to say:

.............i don't know….......


04:08 PM May 13 2008 |