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Life Talk!

if u can write a message to the god what would u say ...?



Syrian Arab Republic

imagine that u are talking to the god who creates this incredible world what would u say to him….?

07:30 AM May 15 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

^^ heheheheheheCool   .


I need to say : thanks a lot for everything and anything , and choose to me the correct side for everything ..


thank you bha'a

03:38 PM May 16 2008 |

learning girl


bless people in china ,bless people in the world!

05:11 PM May 16 2008 |

learning girl


bless people in China , bless people all over the world !

05:13 PM May 16 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


this is a good topic

I will talk to Him and ask "Dear God please stop the war between Israel and Palestine. their leaders are stupid for continuing the war I bet they don't even remember the reason why they are fighting now just stop the war make them cant live without the other ok? and please change Bush's mind and pull the troops..we want them home"

"Oh Thank You for blessing me every single day and give me the best man on earth, I could never ask for more. mmm and I wonder if you can show those atheist that You are real? maybe give them a kick on the butt just to say Hey I do exist? dont worry nothing more than that.

And could I have skinnier thighs? I feel like a whale lately..ok forget that part I know I have to hit the gym but there's nothing wrong with gives it a shot dont you think?

ps: have I told you that I love you so much? thank you for being such a best friend. Love you Big J"



10:10 PM Jun 09 2008 |



i love you my God and i hope you love me too then i have ALL

07:32 AM Jun 10 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Please God forgive us and help us all..

08:13 AM Jun 10 2008 |




dear God,

let's settle this for once and for all:
what did you made first? the chicken or the egg?
Did Adam and Eve had belly-buttons?

and let's be honest to each other,
in creating mankind…
you clearly overestimated your ability!


01:22 AM Jun 13 2008 |




i would like to say:God ,please give me passion and power!

03:27 AM Jun 13 2008 |



Great topic ;) I'll open up for a sec and say it'd frankly be somethin like: 

Dear god,

thank you for everything you have giving me..thank you for the health, thank you for the strength, thank you for my independency. I’m trying my best to achieve my goals in life and without you I wouldn’t have became the person I am today. Please bring something nice my way, please bring a nice friend that will support me, stay near me and would fall in love with my character and not my face. Please god, please! I’m tired of losing friends for this. I just want someone to share all my crazy exciting adventures with. Someone I can trust, respect and depend on…even if I never get that friend, I’ll stay forever thankful for what I had and lost…thank you dear god!

12:13 PM Jun 13 2008 |



that is really sad that you lost people because of your face?You are a beautiful young lady and i think with pleasnt character trust me you will find that good friend that you long for.God will hear you prayer.God bless you

02:16 PM Jun 13 2008 |