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Life Talk!

Which kind of gift do you want to get on Christmas or on Newyear?


zeus2006Super Member!


Hi My Friends,

I'm here again after a very long time.I hope everybody is fine.

Would you please tell me which kind of gift you want to get on Christmas or Newyear?(from your husband/wife,girlfriend/boyfriend,your parents,your close friends)

By the way, I wish all you a very happy Christmas and a Newyear. I hope all you will have what you want.(first of all:peace,health,ease)

Be happy and healthy till next time. BYE ZEUS                                                                                    


07:35 PM Dec 15 2006 |

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Welcome back Zeus !! Smile

Thank you very much for your wishes.

Love and health for everyone and peace in our hearts.

Something new must be born in our lives in 2007.

There must be a chance for Peace in the World.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Zeus and all Ebaby friends.



09:17 PM Dec 15 2006 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Hİ Bigmama and alaa-f,

Thanks for your answers and good wishes.I agree with you.I hope new year will bring peace to us,to our planet.We don't want wars,blood anymore.God save us.Take care.Be happy and healthy till next time.Zeus BYE :)

08:25 AM Dec 16 2006 |

Rita Reis

Rita Reis


I hope  we have a different 2007,  better than 2006…......less  war, poverty, misery, starvation in all world…..I just hope that…maybe a dream  but  a good one.

I got  a xmas card from a special person  which was written:"What is Chrstmas?

It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup may overflow with blessings rich and eternal, and that every path may lead to peace"  Agnes M.Raro    that makes me happy  ...Laughing  and fulll of hopes

Dear Bigmama  , i really appreciate ur love, and ur  care also…MAY GOD BE WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN 2007  .   AND ALWAYS 

AND my sweet friend and "gato' (heheehe) for me it was a nice pleasure to meet  you this year   im very glad with that …God be with you and family aslo

My best wishes to all in EB site…

Rita Reis       Kiss      from Brazil





02:51 PM Dec 16 2006 |


zeus2006Super Member!



Thankyou very much for your words.I am happy for that.I hope too,to meet with you in Turkey next year :It'll be a big suprise for me :)

I wish same thing to you and your family.I hope You will have what you want in this new year.Take care.Be happy and Healthy. BYE Zeus :)

10:10 PM Dec 16 2006 |


zeus2006Super Member!


I guess, there is no people who get a gift on chritmas or newyear.So this is good because It means you are mature from now on.Only We want peace,healthy and happiness.Nice.

Be happy and healthy.BYE :)


11:30 AM Dec 19 2006 |




Hi, Zeus!

I’m sure everyone wants to get a surprise or even possibly a miracle by the New Year! And those feelings of waiting bring us back to our forgotten childhood, which makes the Holidays something more than just a date in calendar. And I like to keep those feelings, and I don’t want to know what kind of gift I’ll get from someone (parents, friends, boyfriend, maybe even from God, who knows?). So, I prefer surprises :).

Dear English babies ;)!

The Holidays are coming soon! Don’t forget to keep cheerful Holiday mood this days! Sincerely I wish you to meet your hopes, needs and desires during Holidays! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Take care! Keep well! Bye! Kinski :)

03:52 PM Dec 19 2006 |



I want to meet the man of my life 

02:19 PM Dec 20 2006 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

just health and wisdom

07:18 AM Dec 21 2006 |




A gift that 's i want to get on Christmas is somebody to love.

04:11 AM Dec 22 2006 |




i agree with you aim.I want it too.

05:09 PM Dec 22 2006 |