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masturbation it is a sinful act?...tell me

04:05 PM May 22 2008 |

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Jane Doe

Jane Doe


what do you think it is?

04:25 PM May 22 2008 |



hahahahahahaha…very funny..u know its just ur choice..but as for me it is not a sin..anyway..too privet thing…so everyone decides for himself

:)..hahahahahaha..but as u know a lot of men do it..also women ..but i think less…sinful…maybe…

05:11 PM May 22 2008 |

Green Alice

Russian Federation

No, it's not, Andie. But don't misapply it – that may damage your…  health

08:00 PM May 22 2008 |


Dominican Republic

jejeje that make u damage to ur ….. nd can make u a sick person nd makes u weak in the legs, belive me

10:37 PM May 22 2008 |



If you see it of the point of view of some religions like catholics, for example, definitely is a sin. "Why are you wasting your seeds?" would tell you (and Bible cites it as a sin in the Old Testament).

But, I think is a better way "to practice" and know your own body. And it´s safe and free!

But sex with the person you love is 1000% better tan be alone in the dark of your bathroom or whatever the place you use to do it (Be clean, wash your hands after, hahaha!).

12:05 AM May 23 2008 |



It is not a sin but unnatural & dangerous,since it's way of losing energy.

Existence has blessed us with sex not to live alone & get connected with someone from heart & body,I it to be right way,mastrubation should be the last choice not first.

01:35 AM May 23 2008 |




It has been said that MASTURBATION is not written in the bible therefor its not something sinful,  it is rather a blessing from God that enables us humans to fully enjoy our body promoting healthy spiritual life. I mean, God has created our body and as a temple of Holy spirit which is capable of pleasure and orgasm. It is just a normal release of sexual urge.  For us Christians it is considered as God's gift so must use masturbation in a healthy and responsible way.

Masturbation is beneficial in many ways; its an alternative for premarital sex  therefore anticipates unwanted pregnancies, hinders the indulgence of committing adultery and also prevents STD particularly the AIDS.

While its a gift, lets not feel guilty and shameful doing masturbation, we'd rather enjoy it.  Just make sure doing it on the proper place, on the right time, and on the proper manner.. < and dont forget to clean up the evidences Wink>

10:34 AM May 23 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


my friend said safe sex is both of your hands.you can guess that it's a guy who said thatLaughing

04:21 PM May 23 2008 |



You are right, the bible doesn´t has words about  masturbation like a sinful act. My mistake!!


06:25 PM May 23 2008 |

Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

Some people say: I never do it, no, how could you think so! And some confess that they do it..  But still I'm sure that everyone does it (maybe some people do it very rare but still they do)! And I guess it's not a sin. It's natural! if of course not to become addicted as Blakerieger said… =)

04:25 PM Sep 10 2008 |