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Life Talk!

I can know your prsonality!!!

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hi guys,

If you want to know something about yourself you never knew it, I can tell you…just put the followings

your name

your country

your favoritecolor

your favorite flower

your favorite animal

Then I will tell you what you don't know about yourself, and guess what??? its for free and also for fun..ok..who is first?? 

10:50 PM May 28 2008 |

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Haha, makes sense!

 I liked!

11:22 AM May 29 2008 |




OMG i'm sooo scared lol :p

Farahana (well i think i prefer Casiol :D)


black (or can i say… bloody black+red ?? ) 

rose (bloody red rose for sure – sexylicious :D)

cat (miooow)


11:23 AM May 29 2008 |




 Ok, I agree with you, but not completely. And what is a mestry movie? What kind of movie is it?

11:42 AM May 29 2008 |



Saudi Arabia


am late but you might have time . so this is mine :



Saudi Arabia

calm yellow not that so loud



12:02 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hi casiol,

You make me confused, but I know such personality as yours, you like to live with 2 personality, this doesn't mean that you heat your real personality, but sometimes you like to be the other one, like dr. Jaycle and Mr. Hide, pcycology they called it "Schizophrenic personality", that not you, but with some small details you will be.

Private detective, gornalist or maybe security guard

12:11 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


You are most welcom monatta, as I know you long time ago, may be we never talk but I know you, so its very difficult to me to "read" you, but I will try.

Dreamy sometimes, but you like your real life, as you know that our life is a gift from God, so we must keep it "clear". Nobody can't live without doing mistakes, the question is can we forgive people who do mistakes, like forgiving ourselves. We always have a second chance, and we should use it, don't attack your enemies, just try to let them respect you, as we can't live in the world without enemies, they give us the power to be better.

Imam, Teacher or maybe Insructor

12:25 PM May 29 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

thank you amr  .


 many facts and many  useful advices  .  

01:23 PM May 29 2008 |




ooh woo00oow that's almost true

i think maybe i'm a bit being schizo (especially when i'm mad)when i'm alone or have to deal with some problems, what i see in my mind is 5 different personalities talking towards me : a psychiatrist, a very cool human, a coward, a i-don't-know-how-to-describe person, a murder

i talk to them :D is it that i'm already insane???

but the personalities that i see for almost all the times in my mind is a psychiatrist and a murder 

so other than security guards, i think a serial killer can be my suitable job bwahhahaah :D  


i'll take the private detective : because i already played all  the detective-role-playing games in every websites… i can't see any new sorts of detective games anymore bwhahahahah


but the fact is i will be a neurologist in the future :D


well thanx anyway for that…i think i need to make some appointments with psychiatrist :D  


02:08 PM May 29 2008 |









02:28 PM May 29 2008 |