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Life Talk!

I can know your prsonality!!!

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hi guys,

If you want to know something about yourself you never knew it, I can tell you…just put the followings

your name

your country

your favoritecolor

your favorite flower

your favorite animal

Then I will tell you what you don't know about yourself, and guess what??? its for free and also for fun..ok..who is first?? 

10:50 PM May 28 2008 |

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Please me too!


lilac, purple

lily and i love iris because of its name


03:14 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hey Emelie, are you ready for knowing yourself???


Irate, but also forgive fast, very strong and also have weak moments, you like daytime, sometimes you hate nights. you always do what you see it is right, according to your vision "nobody can take my hand in dark, just one can do that, it's me" so, you see yourself as a hero, as a dream knight, but sometimes you lose your hors.


lawyer, police officer e or maybe delivery

03:29 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


so Hendri,

Reflective, always thinking before taking action, sometimes you lose, but usually you take the right decision. your friends are real, that because nobody can live with your reflections. and also you look from each angel, to create the perfect solution.


Writer, Doctor or maybe football player  

03:39 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hi phaipie, you are the last one "till now",

You can't trust yourself, you know that you are a good person, and sometimes you ask yourself, why all of that happened to me? you are the only one who know the answer, You also try to fix your problems by yourself, but it takes time to solve because of your trust. your life is moving very slowly, nobody can notice that you do anything, even if you did something big, love is the only solution for you, but at first you must love yourself.

Administrative,  IT, or maybe accontant


03:49 PM May 29 2008 |



lol thanx for kind of interesting prediction , but singer… hahaha it's better not  to hear how i sing :) are you psychologist  Amr ? could you analyse yourself the same way you do for us ? i wonder how you describe yourself :)

06:21 PM May 29 2008 |



Are you serious???

I´d like to try:

your name: Erick Ramirez

your country: Mexico

your favorite color: Black

your favorite flower: Black tulip

your favorite animal: Cat (Black cat… hahaha!)

06:47 PM May 29 2008 |


Russian Federation

Hi Amr



Deep blue

Red rose


08:09 PM May 29 2008 |




my name is: henda






10:18 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Hi trustfundbaby, es I can describe myself, but I will describe what I know about myself, and this will not be fair, as I try to tell you something you don't know about yourself, somehow, if you can tell me anything about myself or analize my personality, that will be nice.


Best regards 

10:59 PM May 29 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Now, back to work.hi Erick,

Style of people who can think big, you usually got what you look for, but sometimes you lose what really you need. You cant make friends easy, you usually take time to do that, it's something related by your opinion in friendship, as I think that you don't believe in friendship, as your thinking in love.

 Business man, marketing, or maybe a designer 

11:07 PM May 29 2008 |