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It's about an essential part from the world



   The Chinese are in a disaster , this lovely people need our hands and pray for help , they are hard workers and I think, they respect the value of the work,also they are direct people,I mean that they are going to the point witthout twisted ways , I think most of them are doing so . Also I saw the Chinese tourists in Alexandria at the common places like to take photos with kids and really want to know the inside life of the place .  I am sad for what has happened to "Seshwan" but know well that the building rules will be watched well afterwards , and the low/middle classe will have a larger care …. Now they are suffering , then they will relax and return back to complete the miracle .

03:42 PM May 29 2008 |

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It is SiChuan,not Seshwan.You are so nice.

03:02 PM May 30 2008 |