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Life Talk!

choose urself


Saudi Arabia

The positive person

Always has a plan .

Always part of the Answer .

Says: 'Let me do it for You'

Sees an answer for any problem

Sees a green near every sand trap.

Says: ' It may be difficult but it's possible'.


 The negative person :

 Always has an excuse.

   Always Part of the Problem

 Says: ' That is not my job.'

 Sees a problem for any Answer.

Sees two Sand traps near every green.

Says: ' It may be possible but it's too difficult'

03:51 PM Jun 03 2008 |

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 Hi ! This is really wonderful ! Well , l am a very positive and optimistic person .. l want to say that nothing is difficult but possible because God is there whenever l ask Him !!And l am there whenever others ask for me or from me …

 So , Just Smile !!   Smile

04:00 PM Jun 03 2008 |

Amr Diab

Amr Diab


Depend to your mood, I think all of us sometimes be "positive" and sometimes "negative", for example I can do everything for who I love "even it's not my business" but I couldn't do the same with somebody else "its just an example without any self defense" 



05:53 PM Jun 03 2008 |

baby pearl

baby pearl


there is no one can see his \ her self negative person. we are all posetive

09:05 PM Jun 03 2008 |



it changes usually according to my hormones

10:24 PM Jun 04 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

all thanking for your passing .

and you shall know your negative points and turn it to better . 


my regards     _

03:30 PM Jun 05 2008 |