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Obama wins..




Are you happy with victory of Obama ?

05:07 PM Jun 05 2008 |

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As far a gay marriage, I feel that if marriage exists as a government sanction for a relationship that it should be available to any adults of any sex.

so you're not a republican on this view, wew I'm so relieved. Laughing

Jane, I hope you are not surprised, anyway. I thought we talked about this issue before  ;)



the most important TO ME are the issues with the military… fund/pay cuts, war, post/base closings, etc.

then the economy! We need so much help right now. We need to stop the outsourcing, encourage more types of power, lower gas prices, and just help for those that need it.


Why do you think outsourcing is a bad thing?  I agree about needing to find other sources of energy, and I think that will happen.  I think nuclear power is a proven option, but there are a lot who are politically opposed to it. 

We need better healthcare that is available to everyone.

What scares me about the Democrat's healthcare plans are that they really believe that the government can make things better. I think that the healthcare system should be opened more to the free market and let those forces improve service and reduce costs. Hillary thinks that every person in the country should and MUST be insured, no matter what. Believe it or not there are people who don't WANT and really don't need insurance, but she would force them all to pay for it and the bureacracy that would go with this debacle.

I'm not super concerned with abortion, weapon ownership policy, etc. Yes I think they are important but how can you worry about that when the economy is failing, millions of people are homeless, and people are going without insurance and can't get the healthcare they need?


The economy is not that bad. Please don't buy into the media hype. They are so in the tank for Obama that they can't help but to make the economy seem like we are all gonna be living on the street next year. We are NOT in a recession. The economy is growiing, even though slower than in the recent past. Unemployment is not really a big problem (again, more jobs are being created, just a little slower than before) and I already told you my views about healthcare.   


partly, maybe it is because he isn't experienced in politics.

Right…Bush is so experienced in politics but did that make him a good president? I dont think so.


Bush wasn't really all that experienced. He had family connections for sure, but he lost one bid for a congressional seat and later served 2 terms as governor.  I don't think that experience as an elected official is the most important thing and certainly not something that Obama supporters think is that important. Experience as a leader in any field is important, however. 


Now that Hillary supports Obama I hope no more republican in the white house for the next 4 years.


Some Republicans would say that's gonna happen. Many of them don't really think McCain is one of them. He's often called a RINO (Republican In Name Only)

05:21 PM Jun 08 2008 |



The problem John McCain has is that he supports the war in Iraq and hopes it goes on for years.


Al, I think that's a mischaracterization.  

12:47 AM Jun 09 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


Pu Nogodi, nice article Tongue out

Greg, I'm not saying outsourcing is bad. Some outsourcing isn't bad but they are doing it a lot. because they can pay people in other countries less than what they would pay here. Companies like Dell are building call centers in New Guinea and hiring people from that country to work in the call center because labor is cheap. Don't you think it is time to think about the Americans instead of spending the money outside the country?


on health insurance: I think everyone should have the option for health insurance. There are some people who would rather just pay when they need the care. I think Barack is right that it should be a free market and everyone should be able to choose what kind of insurance they want.

and lastly is the War in Iraq…I wont elaborate too much on my personal opinion, but I feel as if we're loosing momentum there…we need to do something different, get out, stay in, blow em all up…I'm not sure, but we need something different!


ok actually I was kidding about blow them all up..and about the stay in part. I want them home. or focusing on Afghanistan.


04:52 PM Jun 09 2008 |



I wish Obama really supported a free market in health care, but many of his ideas are very anti-free market. His ideas are marginally better than Clinton's though. She would essentially FORCE everyone to have insurance whether they wanted it or not. 


As for Iraq, a year ago it really was as many in the media called it, "a quagmire". A year ago more troops were added and there seemed to be a change in focus. Now, more provinces have been handed over to the the Iraqi security forces, cities or neighborhoods like Falluja, Basra, and Sadr City that were firmly in the hands of militants or terrorists are now under the control of the Iraqi government and are relatively safe again. 


We did something different and it's working, 


News stories about Iraq have plummeted because we are winning and that's not the story the mainstream media wants to push. Now they think that the economy is the big issue and suddenly it's 1988 all over again and the media is hyping how horrible the economy is in order to get a Democrat in the White House. 

01:21 AM Jun 10 2008 |




Uncle Jay is really awesome..
I enjoyed it..=)
Thanks Nu..

03:04 AM Jun 10 2008 |




i wanna Obama wins…

11:31 AM Jun 10 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


News stories about Iraq have plummeted because we are winning

oh yeah we are winning but how many soldiers do you want to see dying or wounded over there?

they give the soldiers a 15-18 months deployment with only a 2 weeks R and R dont you think it is a bit less humanistic? Oh yeah Bushy decided  Greg, hundreds of soldiers having suicidal there. you dont know about it do you? It is time to give what they deserve! SOldiers are not just numbers Greg, I dont care how we win the war or whatever (ok I love that it brings something maybe but that's not what I've heard, no NOT from the media) the numbers of fallen soldiers keep raising and that has to be stopped. and Hell forbid me to be on McCain's back since he wants to keep the soldier there for a long time. its not because I have a man over there. but it does help to understand the feeling of millions american families that feels the same about their family member that serves in the army.

I am not saying we are winning or what. These are the people that risking their lives for I dont know what, what we are winning? we have huge deficit because Bush focusing on Iraq's expenses rather than national expenses for education, health care, environmental issues, etc. that money should be used for internal issues come on. those money goes for Iraqis. and they didnt give anything yet but yelling that we only bring harm over there.

its time to go home to show their whiny ass what happened if USA leaves the country Laughing

12:40 PM Jun 10 2008 |



Jane, like almost everyone, I would prefer to see fewer or no soldiers wounded or dying. I do know that they are under a lot of stress and I am not surprised that suicide rates might be higher. 


I also know it's foolish to argue about the reasons we went there or how it was handled in the past (not that we are arguing about that ourselves) W


I continue to say that we have to deal with the situation as it is now and consider the consequences of a premature withdrawal, especially when progress is being made, however late.


We are fighting an enemy in Iraq that would consider anything even closely resembling an American withdrawal before the country is stabilized to be a victory for them and I think it would embolden them just as our weakness in Somalia emboldened them in the 90's.


Al-Qaeda may not have been in Iraq before 2003, but they are there now and I do agree that Iraq is the central front in the war against them and their ilk. 


Sure, we can leave tomorrow and show those "whiny people" what life would be like after we left, but I think, if we've done as much harm as some like to say that we owe them a little bit more. I think since you've been there you know that the average Iraqi really does want and deserve some security, and it seems that most really do support their new government and the Coalition troops.



10:51 PM Jun 10 2008 |

Yuli^ ^

Yuli^ ^


Obama look like a very good person who wants to try to change USA, specially in foreign policy. It would be a great benefit for everyone…it will be the end of the war in Irak :D!

10:57 PM Jun 10 2008 |




in the usa, whether president has the exclusive right to decide end a war?

02:00 PM Jun 11 2008 |