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Life Talk!

the hot chicken wings and the hot belle dancer



Auditors are trained to work all day long and abandon their leisure time, but we still manage to have some fun during the weekend, we found a nice chicken wing restaurant around the corner and go there almost every week, the hot spicy chicken goes best with ice cold beer, they would drag you out of your world and drive you out of your mind, hah…there’s nothing better than that in this world, except for…..you know what i mean.;-)
there are a lot to do during the weedend,by saying “weekend”,i mean Sunday—it’s the only day we could take a break from work.from my opinion, people could be classified into two categories : auditors and all the others.most people work from 9am to 5pm, we work from 8am to 10pm,and maybe later.”weekend”is a term we rarely use, so when i get one, i would make the best of it. we would go to the gym to work out,go to KTV, watch movies….
Among all these things, belle dancing is my favourite thing on the menu, i have taken belle dancing class for three months last year,but as the busy season comes, i don’t have much time to practise my steps, but am i ready to give up on my hobby? Absolutely not! i brought my CDs to this coal mine area and would practise the steps on my own from time to time. Thanks to Ansuya, she is an stunning belle dancer and a good teacher as well. this mysterious Egypt dancing teaches you how to twist your body like a snake. it helps you to release the tension and keep fit. you would learn how amazing your body could be, and you should be proud of it~be proud of your body, and your life! No matter what life hands us, we would always take it , enjoy it and make the best of it

05:38 PM Jun 05 2008 |

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United States

Wow, you work as an auditor? that is cool. I am actually thinking of writing a book where one of the villains is an auditor.

Hot chicken – I had a bad incident with a hot chicken restaurant in Busan and ever since then I have avoided them. I like cold beer though.

09:41 PM Jun 05 2008 |