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Life Talk!




Saudi Arabia

I Got This E-mail…And I Liked it So Much, So I Thought That I Should Share With Other People So, I Hope You Like It…......

And Oh Yeah…...The E-mail Was In Arabic So I tried My Best To Translate It Into English So Please If There Was Any Mistake Please Tell Me…Thanx All













When Do We achieve happiness?



How to be happy?





We convince ourselves that our lives will become better after to marry



Welcome first child,,,,



Or another child after,






Hence quorum frustrated because our children are still young,,,,






We believe that things will be fine soon provide children age,






Hence disappoint again because our children have reached adolescence now,






We begin with the belief that we are going to rest immediately after this period of life,






It is then tell ourselves that we would be better off when we get a new car, trip and finally to retire.






In fact, there is no time to live happily better than now.



If not now, then when?






Your life has always filled with challenges,,,



Therefore, it is better to decide the biggest live happily in spite of all challenges.






He always seems that real life is about to begin.









But every time there was a plight must be overcome, obstacle on the road must be crossed, work to be done,,, religion must be paid, and time must be cashed, to start life.



But I finally started to understand that these things were the life.






This view helped me to understand later that the presence of the road towards happiness.






Happiness is the road itself.






Therefore enjoyed every moment.






Do not wait until school, so returning from school, to conceal his weight slightly, to increase weight slightly, to begin a new process, to marry, to inform the end-time Wednesday, or Friday morning, to get a new car, the new furniture, that Come spring or summer or autumn or winter, or replace the end of the month or the month of leave, to be broadcast on the radio Tones, to die, to generate again.








In order to be happy






Happiness is a journey, not station received






No better time to be more than happy now






Live and enjoyment of present moment






- That is unknown -









Think now the duty to these questions:



1. The names of the five richest in the world?



2. The names of beauty queens the world of the past five years?



3. The names of Nobel laureates for the past ten years?



4. What names best actor Oscar campaign for the past ten years?









Can not answer? It is difficult questions is not it?



Fear not, no one remembers all.






Applause die and disappear and decreases



Awards inhabited dust



Winners will be forgotten after a short period






Try to answer these questions:






1. Give the names of three professors in your life, you chose the school.



2. Give the names of three friends stood with you in time of need.



3. Think of some people who makes you think that special someone.



4. Give the names of five people you like and eliminate your time with them.






These questions easier than that, right?






Persons who handle you anything in life, no one adjective as the best in the world, did not win awards but not of the richest rich world.



Those who care about you, and looking after you, and challenging the conditions for standing by the time of need.






Think of this moment



Life too short



And you, to any combination of the two above belong?




You are not among the most famous in the world, but one person who reminded when you want to send this file to them.






In one Olympics competitions in Seattle, there were nine runners-disabled physically or mentally, hey all the starting line of one hundred meters race ran. And launched a pistol start the race, was unable to jog everyone, but all loved to participate.






During jogging slipped one of the male participants, and subjected to consecutive somersaults before he starts weeping on the field.



Eight others reputation is cry.



Slower than jogging and started to look backwards so.



And stopped jogging and returned him … They all returned to him.






I sat avoid Mongolian girl, and annexed so I asked him: Achar now improved?



Renaissance and distorted everyone together all at the finish line together.



The Libyan all existing and cheered and applauded them, and the applause lasted this long applause ….




People who witnessed this, still remember it, the maximum.






Because we all know in the interior us that life is much more than just that we win for ourselves.





Even more important in this life is to help others to succeed and win, even if that means that the slow and look back and we change the arms.

06:57 AM Jun 11 2008 |

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I appreciate your time and your effort to send us those words!! 

In this selfish world we have to look back and learn that we don´t have to put our happiness in material things, and take care of our loved ones.

06:27 PM Jun 11 2008 |



United Kingdom

really i need such as this psychical traitement, so thank you my doctor

08:42 PM Jun 11 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

Thanx All ,,,,, Well I'm Glad That It Got To Your Likes Laughing

And I'm Glad That I Helped You Minora …... 

10:27 PM Jun 11 2008 |