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Life Talk!

I wanna make friends.

Kay Lee

Kay Lee

South Korea

Hi there~

 I want to make friends through my ebby.

 I'm a Korean in Tokyo.

I'm working for trading company.

 As writed above, I'm in Tokyo.

So I can speak Japanese of business level.

 If you are interested in communicating with me,

please feel free contact to me.

I'm looking forward to receiving your message.

Thank you.


02:24 PM Jun 21 2008 |

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HI KAY, I am an engineer , i work for an american telecom company. i want to learn japanese . i want to visit japan one day

04:56 PM Jun 21 2008 |

Kay Lee

Kay Lee

South Korea


Thank you for your reply.

Are you engineer? 

 I think you are a java programmer, right?

I just judged from your nick name, javamanju.

12:48 AM Jun 22 2008 |

Kay Lee

Kay Lee

South Korea


Thank you for your reply.

Hajimemashite :)


12:49 AM Jun 22 2008 |