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Life Talk!

The rats attack



They say that life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are gonna get, one night as we were working late as usual, i found something i really don't want to get—the rats!! The building where we work is pretty old, it's a lovely home for rats~ ps, we've got lots of food in the meeting room: bread, pies, sweets, chocolate bars, cakes….if i were the rats, i would make a comfortable home here rather than go out to look for food, we have been living in peace with rats in this meeting room for nearly two months…..until one day…

it was pretty hot that night, it was so hot that the rats didn't want to stay in their little liar anymore, instead, they wanted to go out for a walk and take in some fresh air, at around 9pm, just as i was fighting the urge of falling asleep, suddenly, i heard some strange sound from the wall behind….i was a little worried, then, the sound was getting louder and louder…."AHHH…!" i gave a loud cry, i thought the rats were jumping out, i was horrified, and all the other staff were horrified by me, even the manager stood up to check out what was happening around the corner, it turned out that the rats didn't jump out, only i was jumping up from my chair, it was so embarrassing that i wanted to bury my head in the sand.

maybe the rats saw through my , they decided to go a little further, i bought a loaf of bread one day and ate a little bit, before i left the meeting room that night, i wrapped it carefully and covered it with a peace of newspaper, i thought in that way, the rats wouldn't find it, but it proved wrong. the next morning, both of the plastic bag and paper were broken off, half of the bread was gone, i couldn't believe what has happened! obviously, those ugly creatures jumped onto the desk and grabbed my food! they might not be able to see anything in the darkness, but they really got a strong nose!

two days after the rats ate my bread, i left this city, i hope that after we all leave and the meeting room become empty, the rats wouldn't be starved to death, this is my last blessing to them.~

08:58 AM Jul 02 2008 |

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Hahahaha! I can´t imagine the rat meeting room, hahahaha!

And don´t be worry about them, rats are strong and intelligent animals, they have a strong sense of survival and are one of few animals that have adapted to the big city!!

In my house we don´t have rats since my nephew gave me a cat 2 years ago, cats are great hunters and the best solution to finish the rat problem!!! But I learn to not damage rats since I saw "Ratatouille", hahaha!

06:00 PM Jul 02 2008 |