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The marrying competition



Last week, i attended a wedding ceremony of an old classmate in universtiy. i traveled all the way from Hei long jiang to Xin bin to give her my best wishes, it is also a reunion of  old roomates.  we have been living in the same dormitry for 4 years,  then we got on our own path of life, someone got engaged, someone is getting married, and someone remains unsettled-which is me. we haven't seen each other for nearly two years.

during the past few months, i kept on getting big news of people i know-colleges,old friends, old classmates….they are all getting married~ i'm afraid that in a couple of years,i would become a distinct creature, and they will put a tag on my head: the last single girl on this planet. they invent a new game called "marrying competition", and the loser will get her punishment: end up alone in a lonely house. To be honest, i was scared with that prospect.

i read an article on a magazine,saying that there's a new trend nowadays called " the post 80's moms", the girls  born in the 80s were once described as "the spoiled children", now they have children of their own, while a lot of born-in-the-70s were still complaining about the marriage market, those 20 something girls go all the way from the marriage market to the baby market,they want to bring a new life to the family right after they get married. They are independant, not hemmed in by rules, not afraid to commit, they are doing yoga while they are pregnant, and they go to the fitness center after they give birth, the young girl who is shining like a star in the party might be the mom of a 2-year-old child.

Last night, i watched the movie "sex and the city" on line, the TV senes has been my favourite  for many years.Carrie Bradshaw is my idol, and in this season, she plans for something big—with Mr.big, the man who once broke her heart, now would be walking her down the aisle.I felt a little sad for Carrie ,she used to make a mockery of those married couple, now she becomes one of them…..

but maybe oneday, we will all become one of them, you may not like it. but that is life….

09:00 AM Jul 02 2008 |