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Any English teacher interested in having our students exchange emails???





As a teacher ,I´m looking for other teachers  interested in a partnership of an email exchange  among our  students.. as a tool  to  test proof what they learn in class.. If you are intersted my msn  is   !

01:22 AM Jan 08 2007 |

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my MSN is:

03:08 AM Jan 10 2007 |




Hi ane

That is a very good idea but I would suggest you to make a kind of test to those who pretend to act as teachers before you can exchange the emails.

Maybe a good text would be to keep up a little chat to see how faster they are and how much they know, this is because there are a lot of people who want to learn and improve english and could say they are teachers even when they are not.


07:30 PM Jan 10 2007 |