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Life Talk!

are you mature..?



Syrian Arab Republic

are you  mature enough for such responsibility? how did we become  matures??

what are the specifications of mature person??


12:45 PM Jul 04 2008 |

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Serbia and Montenegro

jenny,I gree with lilimira , as he said we no need intentionally to control ourself to do like this or like that,just to face life , in our life we have so many unsure element , i think now you are confused on something or have some trouble , but what we can do is to face it,furthermore,pass it with more mature behaviour, do not feel frustration , staving it off with more brave and more confidence.

09:59 PM Jul 18 2008 |



United Arab Emirates

in very simple words i will explain the spacification, if you have the abality of taking decisions with out confusion, it means you are mature, age and experince does not matter, your common since and genious brain can carry you on mature list.

02:50 AM Jul 19 2008 |




Hi all,

Here I'm talking about the sense of mature (meaning) and not age.

Experiences and different life situations make us mature by time. (For somepeople of course).

Age is not always an index of mature. Somtimes we encounter  persons who are very old but they think like kids  (I mean the way of thinking and treating different situations).

09:20 PM Jul 28 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

no until now :)

10:20 PM Jul 28 2008 |