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Life Talk!

just so lonely



hi everybody!!!

do u know that feeling??, u walk with thousand people through the town, but u still feel loneley! I was so in love and than this boy broke my heart.

I don't need a man!! isn't it right girls??

04:13 PM Jan 10 2007 |

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Yes, of course, welcome to the club. But I think Jesus is more lonely the we are.

02:34 AM Jan 18 2007 |



How can I help you. I don't know. But if the problem is big ask Jesus saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

02:37 AM Jan 18 2007 |



when you are lonely its great! The nian problem is, that we don't respact for our freedom! 

08:45 AM Jan 18 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

I think feelings are not just toys , you sustitute the broken ones with brand new one.I think it hurts deeply when you break up with someone and its going to be like hell until you mend your broken heart. Be patient and time is the best cure.

01:28 PM Jan 18 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

I think feelings are not just toys , you sustitute the broken ones with brand new one. I think it hurts deeply when you break up with someone and its going to be like hell until you mend your broken heart. Be patient and time is the best cure.

01:31 PM Jan 18 2007 |




Parental and peer influences play a major part in moulding our level of self-esteem when we are children and in our early years of adolescence. The opinions of the people closest to us and how they reacted to us as individuals or part of the group was a dominant factor in the processes involved in forming our self esteem.

As adults we tend to perpetuate these beliefs about ourselves and in the vast majority of cases they are ridiculously erroneous. It is time to re-evaluate our opinion of ourselves and come to some new conclusions about these old belief patterns.

Ask yourself some serious questions. Is your long-held view about yourself accurate? Do we respect the sources from which we derived these beliefs? Most of the negative feedback we bought into as we were growing up actually came from people we have little or no respect for and as adults we would probably laugh their comments away! Yet the damage to your self esteem was done when you were very young and you still carry it with you to this day.

Is it possible that even those people you respected, who influenced your self-worth, were wrong? Perhaps they had low self esteem also. As adults we have the opportunity to reshape our self-esteem. Try to judge accurately the feedback you receive from people you respect. This process will allow you to deepen your understanding of yourself and expand your self-image. It will also show you, where you actually need to change things about yourself and where you don't.

Many people are striving to better themselves in areas where they are just fine or actually excelling and it is only because they have an inaccurate picture of themselves in their minds due to low self esteem!
Your subconsccious mind is a repository for all your thoughts and feelings and is a powerful force. It can be an un-defeatible ally or a dangerous foe! It is a powerful force of nature that can be harnessed and made to work for us or it can be a wild beast that runs riot with our lives.

How powerful is it'?

It occupies the whole human body, and, when not opposed in any way, it has absolute control over all the functions, conditions and sensations of the body. While the conscious mind has control over all of our voluntary functions and motions, the subjective (subconscious) mind controls all of the silent, involuntary and vegetative functions. Nutrition, waste, all secretions and excretions, the action of the heart in the circulation of the blood, the lungs in respiration or breathing, and all cell life, cell changes and development, are positively under the complete control of the subjective mind.

The subconscious controls the motions of every cell of the body and will order each one into the position called for in the picture held in the subconscious. The subconscious controls the chemistry, the composition of the cell's body and will change the ethereal vibration of the constituent elements of the cell chemistry to fulfill the picture in the subconscious. The subconscious controls every organ and does so by controlling each cell of the organ, therefore, organs and systems become that which the soul expectancy (subconscious expectancy) calls for.

Suggestion is the key to the action of the subconscious, that phase of mind within the individual that performs automatically. A suggestion is an image, thought, idea or working pattern introduced in the subconscious; the subconscious takes the architectural plan and creates forms and images in every phase of one's being and life to fulfill the appointments of the picture pattern.

Reaching the Subconscious

Most techniques for change that go from the conscious mind to the subconscious, have to first "break through" the critical faculty. It takes a lot of repetition and reinforcement to get through. Remember learning how to spell or do arithmetic? Remember learning any new skill? You must do it over and over again. And if you want to learn to do something you already know how to do, but do it differently (like learn a better way of bowling or golfing) it is even more difficult, because the old habits keep coming up.

This is where reprogramming comes in. When we say affirmations and create mental images and they don't seem to work, it's because we haven't done enough REPETITION AND REINFORCEMENT. The truth is, the processes can become pretty frustrating, unless we have support from our subconscious. This is what subliminal programs do. They support our conscious efforts because they by-pass the critical faculty and go directly to the subconscious. Messages are continuously repeated and reinforced. Positive, life-enhancing messages of your choice.

Subliminal means that the messages are seen below the level of your conscious awareness, while your conscious mind is busy with other things. You can use the benefit of this wonderful tool for transformation. In other words, you can deprogram the subconscious and internal dialogue. Bring back your peace and awarness.

The subconscious mind can process billions of bits of information simultaneously. There are messages for almost every aspect of your life you can think of. Health, money, business and sales success, sports anxiety, relationships, changing habits, weight loss, stop smoking, eliminating stress—and areas you will think about. DEPROGRAM THE SUBCONSCIOUS AND INTERNAL DIALOGUE. Bring back your peace and awareness.

All this happens while you are on your computer doing your work, reading, playing games or just surfing. In other words, you can go about living your life while subliminal messages reprogram you, for confidence, self-control, skills, exams, better health, wealth, joy, peace of mind, business, sports, dreams…whatever you want.

I found a subliminal program. I thought hey, maybe this might work, so I began to run it. Its a nice program, but while searching the web I came across an even better one. I had seen this one a few times, but for whatever bizarre reason I would pass it by. This time I thought I would try it. What they heck, it had a 7 day trial period and the more messages to my subconscious the better, right? I also noticed it had a feature where I could also send pictures to my subconscious. I liked that idea even better, after all, isnt a picture worth a thousand words. I noticed the amount of information that it sent to the subconscious is like 100 times more in a shorter space of time than the one I was using. So I got rid of the previous software.

Unbelivably I have already started to feel better. My concentration has improved dramatically and my mind is so calm. There is no more battling with thoughts. My decision making process is sharp and I am highly aware. Awareness is what some of my tailor made affirmations are for. Recently Ive been in few tense situations that I surprisingly handled beautifully. I also need to quit smoking and even that has cut down. Even as I write this, I think, can this be true? In only 7 days? I felt so pleased I ordered it.

Now here I am, led to a site like this. Again, another question, how/why?Maybe because I am so at peace with myself, I can now focus on things other than the self deprecating drivel, my mind had accumulated. Even last night,the dream I had, was about some of the images I put in my Subliminal Pictures Flash.

After reading your post, I feel this may be of assistance to you and others on this thread. I sure know how many of you are feeling. I was right there, until 9 days ago and I give a billion thanks for finding this.

After over 10 years of driving myself nuts with conscious affirmations, all to no avail. I can only say, this program will probably save you a lot of time and anguish.

The only thing that will bring about change is a heavy duty bombardment of positive messages to the subconscious. Give it a try for the 7 days. It may or may not be of benefit. But it sure is worth a try.


Even if one person is helped by this, I am eternally grateful. All to best to everyone.

12:07 AM Jan 30 2007 |




I guess I can understand your feelings,because I was love disappointed months before.The saddness bits my heart and I would rather die.  Time after time I wanted to call him and tell him how much I loved him and it was a mistake to lose me,but I didn't. All gone is gone.Just believe that you can get over with this and everything will be better. Go back to you friends. They are always there when you need them. And after a few months,you will know there are better man for you.Also will you learn a lot from this experience.

10:58 AM Jan 31 2007 |



Its good to be lonely sometime, because it is the best time to think seriously about future, job, house and what to do in the rest of life.  Since as the time passed we are so absorbed in it that we look only the present things not thinking about future.  So such loneliness should be there with intervals to compare what has been achieved and what we have to achieve in future.

05:06 AM Sep 01 2007 |