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We are miserable because...




I feel that we live miserable life just because we do not have absolute faith in our religion.We always have doubt at inner core of our self,that's why we need experiments to prove the truthfulness of religiuos values.What do you feel ?

How can we learn to have absolute faith in religion ?

04:40 AM Jul 13 2008 |

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By understanding who his Lord is, as well as the purpose of his creation, he will be able to achieve success in this life and the next. This success emanates from the following points:

1- A believer in this testimony(there's no god but ALLAH) can never be narrow in outlook. He believes in Allaah, Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Master of the universe and its Sustainer. After this belief, he does not regard anything in the world as a stranger to himself. He looks on everything in the universe as belonging to the same Lord he himself belongs to. Allaah Almighty Says (what means): " Say (O Muhammad): 'To whom belongs all that is in the heavens and on earth?' Say: 'To Allaah.'" [Quran 6:12]

His sympathy, love and service are not confined to any particular sphere or group. His vision is broadened, his intellectual horizon widens, and his outlook becomes as liberal and as boundless as is the Kingdom of Allaah. How can this width of vision and breadth of mind be achieved by an atheist, a polytheist or one who believes in a deity supposed to possess limited and defective powers like a man?

05:17 AM Jul 13 2008 |




the 2nd point friend is:

2- This belief produces in man the highest degree of self-respect and self esteem.
The believer knows that Allaah Alone is the Possessor of all power, and that none besides Him can benefit or harm a person, or provide for his needs, or give and take away life or wield authority or influence.
This conviction makes him indifferent to, independent on, and fearless of all powers other than those of Allaah.
He never bows his head in homage to any of Allaah's creatures, nor does he stretch out his hand before anyone else.
He is not overawed by anybody's greatness.
This attitude of mind cannot be produced by any other belief.

05:20 AM Jul 13 2008 |




i think we are miserable because of our understanding.even if we know everything about our religion or any other ideology and we do not try to learn from our own experience ,we'll live a miserable live.

04:39 PM Jul 13 2008 |



I have zero faith in any religion; about as far as you can get from absolute faith. By your reasoning, I should be very miserable. 


I am not miserable. 


How do you reconcile that?

12:17 AM Jul 14 2008 |




Because I failed on my math exam.Math makes me cry a lot.>~<

I think people are always unsatisfied with what they already got and blaming the gods.Like I am born not as rich as someone or I am born not so pretty,so I can never do what others have done.Maybe everyone`s life deserves something special and that is what we can never tell when living in it.But one thing for sure,nobody knows when our story comes to an end that is no doubt pre-decided.

02:33 AM Jul 14 2008 |



No, I don't think so.

Nobody was born miserable and everyone is important in this earth. Just be right, love others and all the other things that you know…..

I don't believe that we must believe ina God or faith in any religion to be or not miserable…

12:23 AM Jul 15 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

    Dev, I don't know if u accept me to call u Dev that u have a long name. Anywas, I noticed that u've posted many topics about faith and religions. Well, I got an idea for u which is that u might create ur own religion by the thoughts and believes that u think it's right, don't u think so?!!!!! it works with me. oh yeah one last thing, abbreviate ur nickname. it's just an advice & u r totally free to go with or against it.

12:47 AM Jul 15 2008 |




I think Life is GREAT, I think I am GREAT. I have absolute faith in this. No doubt in my mind about that. :)


I am filled with joy every single morning I open my eyes and realise there there is a new day laying ahead of me full of experiences and adventures, laughs and cries, happiness and sadness, I embrace it all.


I can't think of a single thing, day, event in my life that was "just" miserable, it all led to something else that made it worthwhile.


So, what miserable life? I don't know what you're talking about. I love my life, wouldn't trade it for anything.


Miserable? No! Bit narcistic? mwa, maybe :)





02:54 AM Jul 18 2008 |

Lin etual

Lin etual

Russian Federation

Agree with latin and oonah…
Guys, why on earth think about your being miserable and how to strengthen your faith or anything of the kind..Why not just enjoy life it the way it is, enjoy living, breathing, enjoy sunbeams and moonlight, trees and birds, enjoy having faithfull people around us…..
I’m convinced one who can enjoy all this will never feel miserable..

04:16 AM Jul 18 2008 |




life is wonderful and each day is another miracle:


12:43 PM Jul 18 2008 |