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Life Talk!

give me a reason to happy



In recent days,i feel blue.because i couldn't get well along my workmates in my company.

i'm a introverted person.and other workmates seem don't like me. i don't know how to do.

can you help me?

08:36 AM Jul 15 2008 |

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hi ,Lilyshijiazhuang.i think we have the same character so i also met the problems like you.i know it's difficulty for you to change ur character to adapt your workmates,but i think time can change something.when they know you they will accept you !

12:28 PM Jul 27 2008 |



Thank all,and now i’m very glad.Thank you very much!

04:55 AM Aug 24 2008 |



hello,sawdestination!thank you for your advices.and now i’m feel cheery because so many friends cares about me.
would you like to be my friend?if that can be true,i’ll be very glad. i’m looking forward your reply.

05:06 AM Aug 24 2008 |


Hong Kong

your workmates don't like you, but we netfriends like you :)
that's already a reason to be happy

10:53 AM Aug 24 2008 |




You are alive. You have work to gain income and have people around although some may not be your dear friends. You can communicate with people at least writing to relieve your stress nd get attentions from others. You can complain and gain sympathies from others. There are many more you should look around and feel appreciate with content.

At this very minute, hundreds of babies have no chance to take their first breath on this earth because of abortion. Millions of people around the world are lossing theie lives because of no food. Hundreds of thousands are suffering from wars and are risk their lives to save themselves and their beloved ones to find a safety place to survive the next minutes.

12:57 PM Aug 24 2008 |




if you can talk,see,smell things, feel, touch what is arround you,if you have a brain to think and a heart to love, a whole body,then you'll have nothing to complaint about.

on which concerns your co-workers, i want to give you a little advice based on my personal experience: before trying to show up your qualities to the others,shiw them up to yourself,work hard to make the image you have about yourself as perfect as possible, make yourself fell that you really deserve the respect and love of the others, try to earn this self confidence and then,believe me, everybody will try to get closer to you cauz they'll know you dserve respect.

at work, try to make they feel that they need you and your efforts are fruitful for everybody. (everybody excludes jealous people cauz they'll never be happy about your achievement whatever you do).Wink

02:30 PM Aug 25 2008 |


Hong Kong

i think you need to know a fact that it is impossible for all people to like you from the bottom of heart. 
some people would think badly of you , some may think it kindly. it all depends on how they feel you at first sight. 

You want to make a difference, they may misundertand that you wanna take advantage from them, you can't change their mind, even you try to explain.

Being optimistic may be the way to solve it. take it easy.If you find coworker nice, treat them friendly. If not, you just can treat them with respect.

altough you can't let them like you sometimes, you can let them not to hate you, e.g. get the job done well

bad english and just personal view , am i understood?

04:07 PM Aug 25 2008 |




you can run,breath easılıy..and don t care others(example:persons) when ı m bored or sad  ı thınk ı m enough healthy to love,have fun ,even enjoyed with lonelıness

04:13 PM Aug 25 2008 |