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I can help teach english.



United States

I'm a native english speaker with a TEFL certification that want's to learn more about the world. I will help anyone practice and learn english, but I'm trying to learn japanese right now and any help that I can get with that would be greatly appreciated.

02:05 PM Jul 16 2008 |

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hi casper. i'm study english but i need to help about this. can youhelp me?

07:54 PM Jul 04 2009 |



Casper, one thing you might try is to post some lessons. You can provide links to them in this thread or a new one, and prospective students can see the kind of help you can provide. You could also let them know if you would be able to help via e-mail, chat, video-chat, Skype, etc. 


Are you currently teaching somewhere? 

10:22 PM Jul 04 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

areigatoo casper-kun. lol.. thx man. like that guy above said .. try to post topics about english for example

common mistakes in english.

english grammar

rules of writing

how to say/ask something in a good way… etc

 hope that helps .. have a good day .. casper-kun

by the way. try to watch Japanese anime if u wanna learn japanese ..i know some words in japanese but i'm not interested in learnning it .. i wanna learn more english/

11:18 PM Jul 04 2009 |