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Life Talk!

(another thing happened .he missed me ..)I really wanna cry loudly




 one of his friend told me , my boyfriend miss me ,and he would be very sad when he back to usa can not see me for a long time.  i am very happy to hear that….but it is him said we finished. now seems that he regret..but the problem is he always share every feeling to his friend not me.so sometimes i dont know his idea..this things happened for a long time. now i just wanna take him as a friend..but it is difficult for him to do.he either take me as a lover or take me as a enemy..i dont wanna miss such friend…anyway time willsee…....

                                                                                                                                                                                    the things is :     i am a chinese girl, and my bf is American…we always have a fight…and it always i make it first. but i am not deliberate..i really love him..yet this is not always the case .i am very sad , right now we had a big fight again, and i dont know  how is our relationship now ? break or something else…i dont wanna hurt him …i dont know how to be his gf,because he is my first love..i  were think hightly of  this relationship…but he is angry with me .he said i am not a good girl….i dont know how to do now ..my heart is very tired….i wanna forget him… but when i am alone i always think of him…always…

    and now he is prepare to back to USA for business..but he will come bcak to china….i always wanna cry …and sad , cause i dont know how to do..how to forget him.. and how to make him forgive me …..

   when i writed this i was crying …...it is true…...i am very sad…

    someone wanna help a poor girl???..

09:53 AM Jul 18 2008 |

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I think than  you  meed  quiter  ,you  shoud study first, 

want to fortget the  first love is hardly        but  I think you will very well  in the future

02:43 AM Jul 27 2008 |