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Let's talk about chinese people



I have a friend from United States, he always say to me that many chinese people there are not friendly,they don't help each other ,on the contrary, americans are very nice and humane .For example , renting apartment to people , chinese landlord offer dirty house with high price, american landlord provide clean and big house with normal price. When people go to chinese supermaket,  cashiers seldon give you smile and hard to return goods, but in american supermaket or store ,they are so kind to every customers and easy to get refunds. In United States, chinese are so jealous of other peoples ,they seldom help others, only take good care of themselves. So, What do you think of chinese people wherever they are ?

01:43 AM Aug 06 2008 |

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accutually, chinese people always say others are un friendly, cold and detached.but people who are  accusing also treat others coldly.it's a pity phenomenon in china. i am a staff member in a big company. i really feel terrible when no one speaks to me, any kind words.

02:28 AM Aug 06 2008 |


Hong Kong

Chinese people are very friendly, do not slander the Chinese people

05:06 AM Aug 06 2008 |




in my opinion; everybody's character is different so this view point is wrong.

07:49 AM Aug 06 2008 |



The Chinese people are very friendly and solidarity . We are proud of the Chinese people!

08:14 AM Aug 06 2008 |




hey they re so friendly

i love all of them


02:15 PM Aug 07 2008 |