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Where is the God?




Most of the Atheist say " where is the God?" and "Why do we God?" if we don't see His, we don't believe Him.(materialist's post of the view)..

Alright, how do we answer this questions? and in your opinion?...

11:07 AM Aug 07 2008 |

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I think that we must believe even when we don't see. The Holy Bible says about Jesus, blessed is that one who dont saw Him and believe in Him. It's a question of faith , we have two ways, believe or don't believe, I preffer  to believe in God and put my trust and my faith in him, is there another explanation for all creation? He is the Life, everything is in His Hands. So, even when I dont see, I still believe with all my heart.

12:33 PM Aug 07 2008 |



People have faith commune spiritually to the God through meditation. They receive God's messages quietly to guide them speak and think and lead them to the right way.

If you have to find a place for the God, it is the conscience in our mind.

01:17 PM Aug 07 2008 |




"and through linking (scince . universe ,holy book ) we can prove that God exists"
what Ryo said it is write The ALMIGHTY ALLAH invite us to think through his speach to us in His books espcialy Quran and the scintific miracles that stated in His book revealed to His messenger from 14 centuries told us things discovered today only….as they beleive in science…then science lead to ALLAH

01:35 PM Aug 07 2008 |




He is a great man,isn't he?He always warms one's heart, especially the people who are handwringing.So he is living in everyone's cockles of the haert.He is always bringing sunshine to the man whose heart is in the dark.

02:20 PM Aug 07 2008 |




 I can say only this: Allah (God) is everywhere…

04:13 PM Aug 07 2008 |



I believe in God ( Allah ),

and i think everyone in this life is believing in him despite the differece in relegions, it depends on faith not existance.  


Do you believe in heat ? Have you ever seen it ? 


we do believe in heat although we don't see it, but we can measure it, and the tempreture can be a clue of its existance. The same thing can be applied for your question, we don't see God but there are too many things in this universe that prove his existance, what you have to do is to " meditate "

Good luck 

05:54 PM Aug 07 2008 |

lady of virtues

Saudi Arabia

Allah is my Creator ..i believe in Him eventhough i did not see Him ..it is impossible that this unvirse without God …

06:13 PM Aug 07 2008 |




 I can say only this: Allah (God) is everywhere…

I think This is very short and surface explanation.

this sentence don't persuade me and others. We must persuade our brains with sensible explanations.

09:39 PM Aug 07 2008 |




If we want to see, it's nowhere,

If we know to feel ,everywhere,

if we want to talk,in temples,muqes & churches,

if we want to pray, in in silent hearts.


12:58 AM Aug 08 2008 |