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hi friends,

do you think yourself intelligent? and what's intelligence?are there several kinds of it?

i often think about how can we be sure that we are intelligent.and why in some situations we act smartly while in others we do not?

09:00 PM Aug 12 2008 |

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Thats interesting question. You know for me its very wide conception. It depends how you look at it. Someone may be great mathematician and you'll called him intelligent but at the same time he don't know how to talk to people just like in  "Rain man". I think there are many kinds of intelligence and everyone is intelligent but some more and other less in some sphere. 

09:58 PM Aug 12 2008 |




omg sorry i wrote wrong tittle i though about "A beatiful mind" ;]

10:02 PM Aug 12 2008 |




I feel that intelligence means spomtaneousness,as we pass different phases of life & through different situations,we need to take some action!!

Hence capability to take right decision at the right moment is intelligence.It can be called common sense too. our decisions comes out of our being, & we behave according our conditionings.

& further real intelligence is enlightenment a;one & where nothing is part of our mind or training or conditioning, where every thing is always new & fresh from the existence.

Dear Hakimi, the intelligence you are talking about is a part of part of training, it is intelligence to copy, intelligence to memorise, although it is part of our brain but it can't be called real intelligence. 

A computer can give you better answers & pass your tests with 100% results but that is part of training only. What a coputer or computer like mind can't do but man can do can be called intelligence.

02:12 AM Aug 13 2008 |



you do smartly just because you put your heart into it

04:07 AM Aug 13 2008 |




i think intelligence has a wide meaning and it's every capacity we have or we develop.in 'rain man' raymond have a big capacity to remember thing,is it intelligence?i don't think so.

thanks friends,i think that there are too many intelligences we have to develop.don,'t you think that we can be intelligent in a way and not in another?

some people have emotional intelligence and their feelings are mature while others can be scientist and reall intelligent but have no intelligent feeling and can't merge with the universe.i think to be intelligent we should be compatible with our nature.and schools ;as hakimi said should develop all the sorts of intelligent and respect everbody's differences.

08:20 PM Aug 13 2008 |



Dear Friends,

I agrre to all my friends that there are many dimensions of intelligence.

I feel that when our mind is working our coscious remain standing behind it & watching all,which I feel to be called as indulgence of our real self, which gives us power to penetrate ourself deep in mind & produce something of intellect.

When our mind works so many dimensions work in togetherness,Our memory,our dreams, our imagination, our experiences all work together & our conscious uses every dimension to make his own way out of that.

But commonly most of us use memory part of mind,but it's functioning depends upon our imagining power,our mind remember things in form of images alone, may be of material or words.those who recognises images of words more posess better memory.

Friends, I lack Intelligence  of expressing so what I know becomes useless when could't be shared.


01:50 AM Aug 14 2008 |




Hi all,

I think that we can't make judgment on ourselves, if we are intelligent or no. But, there is different ways and domains  of intelligence. As you said lilimira intelligence has a wide meaning.


08:27 PM Aug 19 2008 |



South Korea

i think it mostly means you can use your brain efficiently in studying.

Like storming ideas, memorizing words, understanding difficault subjects and even thinking creatively..

The intelligent people can learn and solve quickly..

The bright brains of them make it easier to progress on further studying

03:34 AM Aug 20 2008 |