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language skills exchange



hi friends

i'd like to some exchanges for language skills.

i'm learning english and japanese now.

anyone who knows them and wants to learn or pracise

chinese,please contact me

let's improve ourselves together

07:49 AM Aug 18 2008 |

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Why don't you learn the language of heart ?Wink

03:58 PM Aug 18 2008 |




Hi Juliet,
How nice of you to want to share your knowledge with others!
Nowadays, you can hardly ever meet people who have such quality.Mpst people tend to ask instead of giving.When they give they expect somehting in return. I,personally, agree to your idea of exchanging skills and hope the others will follow suit. If you ever require my assistance in your attempt to improve your english skill, please don't hesitate to do so. Have a nice day!

07:39 AM Aug 24 2008 |