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Life Talk!

What's better: to be a child or to be and adult?




please say your oppinion about this, and say the reason…Thanks

05:11 PM Aug 20 2008 |

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I would prefer to be a child. I love my childhood, you have no responsobilities, no worries about financial straits, your future etc. you just play around end enjoy the life. Whatever you do, you won´t be punished. I´m just 20 but I already miss the time where I was a child.

For sure there advantages for adults but if I summarize all pros and cons I would be rather a child, just my humble opinion. 

05:26 PM Aug 20 2008 |

wild cat

wild cat


it's better to be achild because when i am achild my biggest worry  will be my doll.

05:29 PM Aug 20 2008 |



I enjoy a lot to be an adult. I can do whatever I want and the best, I earn my own money to spend it in what I want!!!

Falling in love, discos, traveling, sex, understanding your parents and all their sacrifies to give us a better life, make your own identity, fight for your goals, I mean there´s a lot of things that I appreciate more as an adult. 

05:51 PM Aug 20 2008 |



South Korea


because we can't do many enjoable things if we are child

we can possibly behave like a child if you don't mind poeple gazing you and have some pure and beautiful mind….

you can possibly control your mind if you want even if you get stressful by many works as an adult

but i can't deny missing the time when i was once a child

10:13 PM Aug 20 2008 |



adult is the one who should get her inevitable responsibilities, child is the one who neednt earn money,get her responsibilities,child mess up ,adult clean it :x but adult can freak out child cannooot

10:28 PM Aug 20 2008 |



Russian Federation

teenager…))) the best age)))

09:20 AM Aug 21 2008 |




 None of both periods is better than the other, because children keep hoping to grow up so quickly to achieve some dreams or desires while adults wish to go back in time and become children again ..

 There is always a desire to escape one's present state .. just to live moments more different and better than those they actually live ..

 Aboul-Quacem Echabbi , a Tunisian poet , says "How childhood is sweet, it's the dream of life" .. He also says "Childhood is the lost paradise" from which we only keep the fewest and sweetest memories .. which we keep yearning for everytime we are anxious and desperate .. 

 But we can never deny that our adulthood is as lovely and calm as childhood .. We are happy because we are grown up.. we are proud because we have a lot to teach to younger generations through our characters that we've spent years to build the best way ever .. so filled with delight because we can see the fruit of our efforts and diligence : our children , our friends , our students ..

 What we need is to live for the moment and welcome life with heart and mind wide open .. see life with a beatiful eye .. 

 Good Luck for eveybody Smile

09:59 AM Aug 21 2008 |



I think to be an old  man is better.Sealed

12:22 PM Aug 21 2008 |




nice to hear the oppinions frim you..

08:54 AM Aug 24 2008 |




once you get older and see enough of this world, you will never want to become adult, belive me.

01:02 PM Aug 24 2008 |