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Motives for Traveling




Hello friends,

Generally, most of the people like traveling in accordance of their motives. They want to explore and see the exotic places, participating in sports, to learn other country's culture, to meet new people and to have great pleasure, rest and relaxation and many more. 

As for me, I would like to travel to see and discover the hidden and untouched natural scenic beauty and also want to experience different cultures of different countries. 

Why you want to travel and what are your motives for traveling?

02:37 PM Feb 03 2007 |

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Yeah, traveling is my big passion. I like to travel to other countries to meet new people and make friends, and as you said i also wanted to know their culture, taste the food and so on….


07:31 PM Feb 09 2007 |




Life isn’t meant to be lived at one place as there is a beautiful world out there. I like seeing another country’s way of living, the beauty- both natural and man-made, tasting the local foods and feeding my travel bug.

07:46 PM Dec 19 2015 |