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Life Talk!

Obama the Dangerious man.

t k awan

t k awan


Every person has its own thoughts,I think that Obama is More dengrious than the Osama.May be i am wrong but you must prove that i am wrong.

10:15 AM Sep 04 2008 |

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obama is a human being and osama is not. Osama is a “satan” in religious terms.

01:17 PM Sep 04 2008 |




t k awan, why do you think, he is a dangerous man?

02:09 PM Sep 04 2008 |



Everyone has their thoughts… but u don't wrote which is yours… h

ow can we tell u if u're right or wrong??? ... can u tell us what make u think Obama dangerous???


07:12 PM Sep 04 2008 |




why do you think obama will continue this? I don't think so, war in iraq made bush be less favoured president in all usa history, less than nixon after watergate. why obama would repeat it? american are people living in quite safe and reach country, they don't have real needs to fight, they don't want to sit in iraq and such places (i suppose. i am not american, it's just what i know from media, and some americans) and prices of their petrol are rising (however still it's cheaper there than in my country…) so show me the reason? he can get money in other ways.

07:48 PM Sep 04 2008 |



No one is Dangerouse!

DAngerouse is Follow someone

bla bla bla

08:00 PM Sep 04 2008 |



Obama isn't ready to lead (3 years in the senate? come on!), and his charismatic speeches that seem to captivate so many people are empty and lack substance. He talks about "hope" and "change" and yet he doesn't specify on how he is going to deliver this "hope" and "change".  Look at his voting record and you'll see that on many issues he cannot make up his mind.  Then he goes on TV and says that certain issues that are important to a lot of Americans (such as abortion) are "above his pay grade".  People seem to think he's going to be this great world leader and all, but the man has no foreign policy experience.  How do we know he is going to deliver?  I sure don't.  I could go on and on about it.

I don't know if Obama is dangerous or not (no one knows really because he's kind of shady about everything) but what I think is dangerous is blindly following someone without stopping to consider who they are voting for and what that person stands for (like so many Americans are doing) is dangerous. 

09:23 PM Sep 04 2008 |



thank you for the links,levicantu.

hope our world peaceful

07:51 AM Sep 05 2008 |

t k awan

t k awan


Thanks to all.

friends from all over the world have commented upon the topic but there are certain reasons which make Obama the dengrious Man.did u ever look at his face,Did you ever note his body language,Did you take his words seriously?Do you think that he will act upon his words which he changes with the passage of time.It seems he is inspired by the Israil,it also feels that he is trying to favour the Muslim world because of his family background,it looks like he is leaning towards the christianity,May be it is all my personal thoughts but will he be able to chew these all things togather,may or may not be,rather imposible.If he succeeds or looses what ever the case may be HE IS A DANGRIOUS MAN.

08:48 AM Sep 05 2008 |



United States

Barack Obama or  Bush,  both of them are not dangerous. There were the most dangerous people who lived long long  before we born  . Those dangerous people were born to kill each other (even their own blood)just for God .Those stories were the origin of world War. Their soil were layer of blood and bones. They love very much to God but they are  killing the people that GOD Created which it mean they are the most dangerous and the most insulted to God. I hope you guys know my point ( the people and the area of the first human being started.  God Ordered use love wapon but they used hate wapon instead.

Good luck with Dangerous people!!

03:07 AM Sep 06 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


tk, how come he is dangerous for leaning on christianity?

and you think McCain is not dangerous? pretty funny.

whoever said Bush and Obama are dangerous should read about how USA has 2 parties, democrat and republican.

Bush is from republican, Obama is democrat.

both have different issues and different beliefs.

I think what you need to talk about is his political statement, vision and mission NOT personal matters.


ps: oh yeah Obama is one term senator, say something about Palin then :)

08:14 PM Sep 06 2008 |