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tough mind through tough biological experiment




     my major is biology .the main task for me in this semester is doing experiments in the lab. I sacrificed all my spare time for it while the result always turn out to be a failure.depressed as i am ,sometimes I  thought to give up .but i didn't do like that .i relaxed myself and go back to my station.at last i did it .it is very drab to do experiments which  only means repeat the process again and again ta whiles .mamy people surrendered when they face the difficulties .that is why not everyone can be scientist.we need a tough mind to help us through the toughexperiment also life.

05:05 PM Sep 05 2008 |

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i agree with you that you say we need a tough mind to through tough experiment. Of course i think intereste is another factor of success. You should know the story about how Edison invent the lamp."No pay out , how we can get a gain!"

01:53 AM Sep 06 2008 |