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zeus2006Super Member!


I'll write a word each day and I'll use it at least in two sentences. Use it in a sentence, too please!!! And share it with us. Thanks

   criticize    – verb –


to say what is wrong with something or someone; to condemn; to judge

Example Sentences

-He didn't want to criticize her performance.
-Would you like to criticize your work?

08:47 PM Sep 12 2008 |

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zeus2006Super Member!


Hi Friends,

Thanks for your answers. :)

Natyl, your first sentence is grammatically correct but you should critisize your brother if you find his mistake and your secon sentence: Mother in love must be Mother-in-law.

Passionate, I don't agree with you, you shouldn't generalize it for everybody.Your sentences is grammatically correct.Thanks.

Venefica, Thanks for your answer and to use it in your answer.

Tesslin,  express; it is verb, think again please.

06:48 PM Sep 18 2008 |