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How to learn enlish well?



I have learned enlish more than ten years,but I can't express feeling,my emotion,clearly.I am afraid of making mistaks and being laughted.How should I do?

It's my first time to enlishbaby website and i hope make more friends wherever u r from which country.

Thanks for everyone.

05:20 AM Sep 16 2008 |

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Russian Federation

hamiki is right, I do the same and that helps me as well. I don't have an opportunity to practise my English so when I needed smth to say in English at english lessons I had difficulties how to express it, that doesn't mean that i don't know enough words but i'm not accustomed to speaking English, thinking in English. thus,i advise you to choose any topic, any subject and speak about it. look in the mirror so you can imagine that you speak with smb and speak speak speak, try to say everything that occurs in your mind. practice is the best way to learn. if you make a mistake, try to remember it and prevent it next time. be attentive that all)) good luck

08:23 PM Apr 25 2009 |




it's important to have a strong willing; to keep in mind much more words, to know how the english language is working and pronounce, after that you must try to practise even alone or with a friend and  it even it's difficult, finally trying to hear songs or to see films it will help you really  

09:25 AM Apr 26 2009 |


Central African Republic

I am a Chinese girl .

I am stuading english.

I think we should read and  write english everday ..

Rome was not  build in a day .

09:40 AM Apr 27 2009 |




"How to improve my spoken English?" – is what I think you intend to ask.

The difficulty  I see for so many people is that they lack contact with native speakers of English. 

Ask yourself: "Where do foreigners meet to talk, have fun, hang out?"

Is it a coffee shop you know of ? 

Is it a bar nearby? even far away but you can get to it?

Is it maybe a church ?  weekends?  


You have to be at least a little bit outgoing and talk to people. Introduce yourself, start a conversation as best you can; smile, be friendly. Make friends with foreigners from english speaking countries. Plus, read all you can, looking up words in a good dictionary (Oxford) to build a stronger vocabulary. 

Find, buy, study Reader's Digest – even used copies; wherever you can find them. Study the "it pays to build your word knowledge' pages in each issue (think that's the title)! 

Okay?  email me for more ideas.

10:30 AM Apr 28 2009 |




just use it!

03:39 PM May 26 2013 |


Saudi Arabia

i stiil suffer this a problem . . .

i begin feeling i’m bored .

07:32 AM Jun 03 2013 |