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What's your dream country?




please answer to this question, but don't say that country where you live in.And say why you have chosen that country?

02:10 PM Sep 17 2008 |

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Russian Federation


This is a country that really takes care about its citizens. Also it is attractive for me because there is an order everywhere! And I like the Germans. They are kind, truthfully cheerful and creative.

05:09 PM Sep 17 2008 |

janneth patricia vinasco


My dream country is my own country COLOMBIA . Though people abroad have just listened  about drug, weed, violence, my country is too much beutiful than you can imagine . It's full of  worderful , hardworking , honest and friendly poeple.

10:28 PM Sep 17 2008 |



I have to agree with Janneth. COLOMBIA is a beautiful place full of good people. But since I can't vote for the country I live in I will choose the United States. 

12:13 AM Sep 18 2008 |