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How do u think about your surrounding noise




Today we talk about noise in modern life which permeates in our daily lives. Noise is one of the gigantic pollutions that is absolutely harmful to us. There is no doubt that nervousness, distress, scare and upset are all produced by noise, which is the target criminal. So we have to control it by powerful legislation, and indeed have responsibility to do so.


Unfortunately, we have grown accustomed to living and working against a background of noise: traffic in the street; machines in the factory; office equipment; labor-saving devices and aeroplanes overhead. You can see that there is hardly any place is free from noise in a modern industrial society and the problem is even acute in cities. Many people learn to live against this background and do not seem to be affected. Furthermore, some people even seem to require noise as a necessary condition in which to work: e.g. music as a constant background.


Hitherto, much of the attention has concerned on the problem since we seemed to be helpless to do anything about noise and have come to accept it as one of the more unpleasant features of modern civilization. Fighting against noise is really a tough work and there is a long way to go. To make a better place for you and for me, and the entire human race, we will eventually conquer it if we care enough for the living.

04:09 PM Sep 18 2008 |