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Is long distance love really possible?



United Kingdom

I have 2 freinds that both have their loves more than 10 hrs away, they both travel to see each other when and as they can, I have seen massive changes in both my friends during the past year ( not for the best ) so I just wonder and thus a pose the above question….

Grretings to all and have lovely days everyone :)

11:52 PM Sep 21 2008 |

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Jeffery Sun


Sometimes for some people, distance is not a big deal for true love. but on the contrary, it is a true big risk of love.


08:08 AM Sep 25 2008 |




Yeah, it's possible. I'd a relationship so. It's really difficult love to distance! but it's strange… the love becomes stronger than never when is real and there's confidence in the couple. I've learned a lot with this kind of relations! But I admit is hard keep it ok!

02:37 PM Sep 25 2008 |

Jane Doe

Jane Doe


well mine works and still working..though i agree that the long distance part need to comes to an end…

LDR teaches us to feel blessed with every little thing that you think it's a small thing in one area kind of relationship.

for example: you would feel blessed for his calls, after 15 days not hearing from him. if you are in the same area, you would probably going mad just because he didnt call you at lunch (this is a real comparation of me and my female friend lol)

02:40 PM Sep 25 2008 |



For me it´s impossible love can survive distance for a long time. If living with your couple is quite difficult, for example going out with different group of friends, or if they work in different companies than us, I mean when you don´t spend all the 24 hours of the day with your partner. I mean, as one of you said, it´s important share moments together as a couple. In Mexico we say "Amor de lejos, amor de pen…sarse", hahahaha!

08:37 PM Sep 25 2008 |