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Will You Marry Hrr??




Your family proposes marriage for you with a girl who is one of the most lovely, pious, well mannered, well-educated, and well-versed in househol duties they know.

They come back that with the message that she is prepared to marry you provided:

You agree to adopt one baby for each child you two have.

Will you marry her? 

If yes, why? If no, why?

Detailed answers please. Thank you.

11:00 PM Sep 22 2008 |

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I'm a big fan of lovely, well mannered, well educated and skilled young women, and have no problems with adoption, but the pious part is rather disappointing. So likely not. 


11:37 PM Sep 22 2008 |



as you may know information is a based of every thing such as marrige so in order to get married you should collect some data

07:19 AM Sep 23 2008 |



it seems that you are the last decider. something must happened to her and make her stick to the idea  of adopting a child. try to find the reason and find the best solution to the problem, that may help you  have a good choice.

07:50 AM Sep 23 2008 |




thanks all 

i am grateful that u r respond to my topic


04:43 AM Sep 24 2008 |



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04:04 PM Apr 12 2016 |