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Life Talk!

What make you happy in your life?

White heart

Saudi Arabia

               In every place or time you can find questions and talking about life and searching for happines in it. where is it? what do you think is it in money, health, family, friends , travelling or any thing else? tell me your ideas. Iwill not tell you mine untill I hear from you. I wish you all happiness.

10:49 PM Oct 04 2008 |

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sun of river


Playing basketball can make me happy and forget a lot of things that annoy me.

some beautiful songs can make me happy. Westlife's songs is very good

06:08 AM Dec 20 2008 |




The live makes me happy, play soccer, make a gol….I love make a gol.

Th music everything…

02:01 AM Feb 23 2009 |

vivian chen


i feel happy when i play with my friends and family.

03:20 AM Feb 23 2009 |


Christmas Island

I think you belive in Muslin.

11:53 AM Feb 23 2009 |




To See the other Happy
let me feel better

02:40 PM Feb 23 2009 |




  Oh, for me ,they are B M W! Business Monry and wife!Laughing

05:06 AM Feb 25 2009 |



well in my case to believe in Gog makes me happy because sometimes the people dont understand the things that happend to you

07:41 PM Feb 27 2009 |

White heart

Saudi Arabia

           SAMIO  I like your point You seems a kind person and I ask Allah to keep your mother and so all mothers. Thank you

10:05 PM Feb 27 2009 |



  being close to my friends, parents, kins makes me happy.
Living in a such century makes me happy.
To meet new people and talk with them makes me happy.

07:48 AM Feb 28 2009 |



Saudi Arabia


I think the happiness will come if you feel that our God is satisfactory. The happens come with the succeed      

08:55 AM Feb 28 2009 |