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What do you think Turkiye and Turkish People?



Do you know Turkiye? What do you think about Turkiye and Turkish People?

Have you ever been Turkiye? and to where?

i wait your opinion…

06:59 AM Oct 06 2008 |

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United States

everyone should have seen turkey once in his life, every city another history another great feeling….ISTANBUL a great city ;-)

09:10 PM Dec 19 2008 |



Seni Seviyorum Turkiye =)

09:12 PM Dec 19 2008 |




haha you guys!! ^ you have nice comment about our country :) :)  Turkish ppl love all of their real friends!!! ^

05:25 PM Dec 20 2008 |



turkish peopla are very nice and friendly people they are worm hearted people Kiss

they are always ready to assist you anytime no matter where you meet them

and turkey is a very beautiful city with lot of places to see .like yalova is a very nice place with hot spring water (natural) so many island too buyuk ada,kinali ada and so on i live in turkey istanbul now am going to antalya for holiday  there is another one called the bosporos tour this is very nice when you come to turkey you will surely this is always the first experience for a visitor in turkey

the turkish food is also good with so many side dishes from desart to salad i like more the kokoresh and dorum dona

turkish food is very nice too

05:47 PM Dec 20 2008 |


Syrian Arab Republic

heeeeeeeeeh I`m Syria

of course I visited T

istanbul is amazing but the people is not so nice

any way >>

seni cok seviyorum arkadasim >>>>>>.Smile

02:56 PM Dec 24 2008 |



Hi, I am a Chinese college student and I never been to Turkey and I didn't know anything abut Turkey until I read the book Kar written by Orhan Pamuk. It was an interesting book. But while I was reading I didn't think well of Turkey because of what some muslims did. I heard that when the political novel(Kar) was published, many Turkish fried different parts of the book openly. Is that True?

Another thing I was thinking was: The things happened in the novel surely were not true, but it might reflect something about the religion, the culture and some some sides of society in Turkey. I will appreciate it if some people could tell something about it.

Mostly important, I want everybody to know that I don't have any prejudice about Turkey. Instead, I am always interested in any foreign country and I am open-minded(I think I am). Certtainly it is not careful,or stupid to learn about a country you never been to through reading a political novel like Kar and that;s why I am writing here to ask some Turkish or anyone who really knows a lot about Turkey to tell me more about Turkey.

I hope one day I could go to visit Turkey.

09:22 AM Dec 25 2008 |




I also read the book Snow with pleasure which is written by Orhan Pamuk. I am not agree with Tunabige's comments to that novel. In my opinion each of us has different view of situation. There are a lot of Turkish writers or poets whos works are translated also into many foreign languages. If someone is interested in knowing more about Turkey or its culture he can find some of them. As far as I understand this forum which is called "What do you think Türkiye and Turkish people?" turns attention to the people who are not a Turkish citizen. So the possibility is given how the other citizen look at Turkey and its people. Then I think each of us would say just positively about own country independent from which country he/she is because  most of us dont like or are not ready to carry on self-critisizm.

02:04 PM Dec 28 2008 |


United States

I love Turkish people & culture! :) They're always friendly & willing to share their life experiences.  I'm trying to learn Turkish, so message me if you're willing to help!

08:09 AM Dec 29 2008 |





Daşına Toprağna gurban olduğum vatanım…Cool

"people, love Turks..because they will have a great authority in the future,just like that; in the past"

                         "kasgarli mahmud/divan-ı Lugat'it Turk"

not:biraz edütlenmiştir ;)

02:36 PM Mar 31 2009 |




  1. i like turkish people n everytime i want really to make more friends from that country so,,,i got many turkish friends thx to the internet in addition to that turkish movies n series are good coz they reflect th reality of people there so they r  so so so kind n  nice…

04:48 PM Mar 31 2009 |