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Hello everybody! Hope you're having a great time!
My name is Andrey. I'm from Ukraine, Mykolaiv
I'm the member of Europen Youth Parliament (EYP).
This is NGO (non-governmental organization) and you can read about it here on the official website: http://www.eyp-ua.org/en/
It unites bright young people all over the world who care about the future of our planet and democratic society.
If you want you can join it and participate in different sessions discussing serious worldwide problems as a real delegate of the European Parliament.

I was delegate at the EYP-Ukraine National Selection Session. We were discussing the problems of Human Rights protection. I was in the Committee on the Employment and Social Affairs. We were discussing and solving the problems of the entry-level employment of the young specialists (university graduates) in the European Union and neighbouring countries. Finally we wrote our motion for a resolution and it was successful.

I was performing on the public, protecting our motion and answering different damaging questions. I was good at it and I was chosen to represent Ukraine at the regional EYP Session in Aachen, Germany. I will last from 30.10.08 to 02.11.08. I will be the one to represent Ukraine there. We will continue discussing problems of human rights, but now it will be on the worldwide scale.
To my mind this problem is very important and it needs to be deliberately discussed. Most people all over the world simply don't know thier rights and therefore they don't know that they are cheated and oppressed every day.
We are longing for a better life.
The problem is that our organization don't have sufficient funds to provide us with money to cover the travel expences and participation fee.

The participation fee is 50 Euro. It is about 55 $
To get from Ukraine, Kiev to Germany, Aahen by train will cost approximately 300 $
I'm just a college student, my parents are commont school teachers. I have no possibility to pay it on my own. And it's a great pity for me.

So I humbly ask everybody who can understand my situation to help me. I will be very grateful to everybody for help.

Here are the details how and where you can send me the money. This is my banking account. The currency is USD.

Beneficiary Address: UKRAINE
Address of the Beneficiary's Bank: DNIEPROPETROVSK, UKRAINE
Correspondent Bank: JP MORGAN CHASE BANK
Address of the Correspondent: NEW YORK, USA
Swift: CHASUS33
Correspondent Account: 001-1-000080

Here is additionally the number of my Maestro plastic card (just in case):
6762 4620 3810 8020

Give me as much as you feel you can give. Tell your friends about me. Even 5 dollar bill can totally change the situation.

I'm opened for any inquiry and will answer all your questions.
You can write me e-mail:
Or contact me in Skype. My Skype name is Andrey D.

My ICQ  number is :320450974

I want you to see that everything here is fair and square.
This Prlamential Session in Germany is a wonderful opportunity in my life to show my worth and to hel people with my knowledge and experience.

Thank you in advance.

12:28 AM Oct 14 2008 |