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Do you believe in ghost or ovnis? O.o




Do you?

have u ever seen one? I mean… ovnis? jeje Some people say have to seen strange lights flying at night… O.o I do in OVNIS but not much in ghost…

What do u think guys?

08:20 PM Oct 14 2008 |

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Russian Federation

Javamanju, as an Indian, what do think about vimana? Did they really exist or it's only myth? I heard there is an ancient book that tells how to build such flying vehicles.

05:54 PM Oct 18 2008 |




i don't believe in neither ghosts nor ovnis and there is no proof of their existence.ghosts as just human's creation to make kids obey ordersLaughing while ovenis is just an imagination of creatures that may exist in this universe.

java, prophets is something else.they are people who existed in the past,had an ideology and some thoughts and values to transmit.we can disagree about their relation with god but not as persons who had existed once.noone doubt that 'mohamed' existed as a person who had some ideas people followed and still follow.

06:06 PM Oct 18 2008 |




I think it's stupid to not believe in UFO , just because there is a trillions of  trillions of trillions of trillions …..........galaxys in the universe just like ours , so in the one of those galaxys might be a "life".......

07:54 PM Oct 18 2008 |