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Life Talk!

Hi, I want to make friends with you guys~




I am boy, I want to improve my English level, so we can chat in English. However, if you have any interests about me, then send me your brief Info,please~ Here is my Email~  

11:46 AM Oct 27 2008 |

Go to the TOEFL® page >


United Kingdom

hello.I want to improve my english too.I am come from Hong Kong,China.

I am a Form.4 student,this is my first year in high school :).

As the Certificate examination coming fast,let I know that it's time to study hard.

English is the worst subject of mine,so lucky that I find this forum for me to chat,listening and read in english :)

12:23 PM Oct 27 2008 |




hi! English is one of my favorite language and i like to improve it too…also i wanna learn Chinese  so i bet you can help me out a lot

06:25 PM Oct 29 2008 |

Jeffery Sun


Hi, Ayli,

nice to meet you here. This is Jeffery Sun from china, I'd like to improve my english level, and I am very pleasure to teach your some chinese if you wanna.

Here is my skype id; siwei1979

you are welcome always.:)

01:18 AM Oct 30 2008 |

Jeffery Sun


Oh, My skype id is not hightlighted in above pose.

Here it is: siwei1979

01:20 AM Oct 30 2008 |