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Can we influence our dreams from the outside?




Recently I noticed again that the dreams I have while sleeping influence my matitunal mood, and above that sometimes my whole day.

Now I am wondering if there are possibilities to influence our dreams while sleeping. I mean, there a various theories like reading a good book before falling asleep or simply relaxing, but can we also do something WHILE sleeping?

03:37 PM Oct 27 2008 |

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Jeffery Sun


Yuna, i agree with your opinion.

Everything you done you thought during the day, should be the content of your dream

In our country, there is an adage says: dream is the thing your think about it deep in your heart.

01:58 AM Oct 30 2008 |



There are different psychology theory about dreams.i believe dreams are reflection of subconscious.Sometimes dreams give information about future sometimes it takes us to regrets of past

10:45 AM Oct 30 2008 |




The question had been more about what we can do while sleeping. For example I realised that if I fall asleep while listening to music and the music does not stop all through the night, I even hear it in my dreams and sometimes also the text influences my dream pictures. I just try to find out whether there are more possibilities like that. 


By the way… What do you think about sleepwalking?

02:55 AM Oct 31 2008 |